Tackling the Challenge!!!! Advice and Tips for dropping a nicotine addiction.

Cat Weaver
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Okay so I am 28 years old and I have been smoking cig's for over 10 years!!! Bad for your health and bad for diabetics. With my recent diagnosis I have decided that nicotine has no place in my life and I am tackling the challenge of quiting, here are some tips and trick I have learned that helps me thru out the day

1) Get the most out of each drag or dip: I find that planning out when I will smoke (such as after my injection or meal instead of before and after) help me control the amount I smoke, figure out what triggers your craving and hold off on a post-(activity) smoke. Not only does it help you enjoy your after activity smoke more but it increasses the time between them helping your mind and body adjust to lower amounts of nicotine each day!

2) Remember your health facts! Does cancer run in your family? How is this cig going to effect me long term? Do I want to add to my list of existing medical issues? Yes all dark and damp subjects but you need motivation from dark places as well as good ones to kick a habit you really enjoy so I do take a min each day to remember the bad things, it helps me focus on the root reasons quitting is important and helps me focus thru the day on the positives of quitting… which brings me to point 3

3) Remember the POSITIVES!!!! Very important exspecially with a nicotine addiction, it can wreak havoc on your emotions and stress can raise your blood sugar all of these things you want to avoid and I find remembering the positives helps me destress during a nic fit that doesn't time in the way I want it to (which they rarely do!) Some positives I focus on; Whiter Teeth, breathing better during my work outs, not coughing so much, less purfume needed because you don't have to mask the oder that comes from smoking, less tar stains in so many places!!!! Just remember to stay positive and in control of yourself

4) Mess ups happen! Don't beat yourself up, just breath and realize you are not going to be perfect and that an extra smoke one day a week or so isn't going to litterally kill you. Nicotine dependency is very hard to get rid of and control, and you are not alone there are many places you can get support and even free gum or patches!!!

Other things you can do to greatly improve your chances of quitting are;
~Make a chart - Include a "Daily Max" "Planned Smokes" "Adjustments for Stress" (allow yourself 1-2 extra smokes on particularly bad days) "Week Max" (Plan for a certin amount of smokes and have only that avaliable for the week. Run out a day early? try not to buy any more till your week's rotation is over!)
~Stay away from over smokey area's - smelling or second hand tasting the smoke can cause cravings! try to avoid areas populated with smokers so the urges don't take you by surprise
~Talk about something else! Got that craving? instead of grabbing that pack get engaged in a different activity, reading, cooking, exercise, a conversation, color, craft, anything that isn't smoking, it distracts your brain and build confidence for each smoke you skip!

Finally as a parting note, I repeat, YOU ARE ONLY HUMAN!!!! Don't beat yourself up over not adhereing to a strict schedual or missing your initial quite by date. keep at it, lower your count every week at least by 1 cig and eventually you will achieve success!!!! Just keep your head up and those dark clouds at bay and look for a silver lining in every accomplishment!

Question for all you smokers/ex-smokers: What do you do/did to curb the cravings and reach/maintain your smoke-free life?

Love and Hope
Cat ~^.^~

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BrownSweetness 2015-02-27 16:41:40 -0600 Report

I too once smoked! I quit smoking 8 years ago but, in late 2010 I went to business school and started
back after I graduated I stopped again cold turkey! It can be done but even now I crave a cigarette every now and then. I don't think that the cravings ever go away and the hardest times are when I'm
stressed! But keep your head up
because, it can be done! Jibber Jabber you are so right. I have three son's and two of them smoke. Now I'm trying to get them to stop!

Jibber Jabber
Jibber Jabber 2015-02-25 16:19:24 -0600 Report

I quit cold turkey twice…I started smoking when I was a teenager…and smoked for about 8 years…I stopped because my children were getting to the age where they were beginning to question why "i smelled a certain way"…I would never smoke in front of them..but it was just a matter of time before they figured out I was a smoker…kids are not stupid…fast forward to my divorce from my children's father..stressed as hell..he was fighting for custody..which he didn't get..he didn't even get visitation..(rare but he was a feminine hygiene product of the highest caliber)… .picked up the old crutch again…smoked for a while…then decided that it wasn't worth it again…I had my grandson at that time..and although my children were old enough to know why I went back to smoking…and lectured me often…I had my grandson to think about..didn't want him growing up thinking smoking was normal…same as I didn't want it for my children…so I just stopped again…I think it Is easier for certain people…than for others…

Cat Weaver
Cat Weaver 2015-02-25 16:23:58 -0600 Report

I agree it is easier for some than others, and I love that your family motivated you so much and in such a great way!!! I have nieces and nephews that I wanted to work into my motivations but as they don't live with me and have a smoking parent I was finding it hard to include them, your story helped me realize that even small outside positives are still a positive and being a non-smoker role model is on heck of a good positive to focus on, Thanks!

Jibber Jabber
Jibber Jabber 2015-02-25 16:31:24 -0600 Report

You have a smoking parent…you smoke…the question is do you want smoking children one day…it is a hard pill to swallow for some..but our children are reflections of ourselves…I had two smoking parents and a smoking grandmother that lived with me…I was pretty much doomed from birth…hee hee

Cat Weaver
Cat Weaver 2015-02-25 16:39:25 -0600 Report

Both my parents smoked and I had a grandmother and grandfather that smoked one on each side so I was pretty much in the same boat lol I am looking forward to being and ex-smoker lets just hope I survive the adjustment! smoking 1 1/2 packs a day almost my first target it to smoke >15 a day to begin with basically halfing my nicotine intake from the get go! I plan to move down by 2 smokes a day each week and be finished with the process within 9 weeks <3 I officially start tomorrow, preparing my work sheets and what not today and making a progress chart I can hang on my wall and update each day