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I have always been shy of Holistic medicine. Now, after being under the care of a endocrinologist, I am ready to try holistic. My a1c was never over 6.5 highrst…now it is in the 7 range. He put me on 100mg of Metformin 2x a day and 10 mg of glipizide 1x a day and 2.4 of Victoza. I have felt horrible. Have no energy, severe joint pain and my bs is between 70 and 130 fasting and up to 200 at night. Before I began going to him my metformin was500 mg 2x a day and 20mg of glipizide 2x a day. My numbers were always below 6.5. I went to him because I was concerned about thyroid cancer, as it runs in my family. Long story…but I want off all this prescribed meds. Reading your posts about Greek Olive Oil, Glucosil, and Clycosolve I am very interested.

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jayabee52 2015-02-24 23:42:53 -0600 Report

Howdy Rhoda (i pray I read that correctly)
You can try the holistic meds but you may find that they may have some marginal effects but that is why there are Rx medications. Because the effects of holistic meds are often hit or miss. What Steve wrote below about low carb high protein (and fat) I have found to be the best way to manage my T 2 diabetes. I had been on a twice daily regimen of insulin but have discontinued (Dx'd) it since 2011. I have achieved a 80 to.130 mg/dl BG level most of the time and had achieved an A1c of 5.5% (it is now a 6.2) and lost 65 lbs over a 5 mo period in 2011. I continue on the meal plan I had developed for over 4 yrs ago.

I make the meal plan available to anyone who asks to see it.

Those 200 mg/dl readings at night do concern me for you as that is way over the generally accepted danger point of diabetes complications at 140 mg/dl.

I pray that you have better success managing your diabetes.


haoleboy 2015-02-24 22:30:44 -0600 Report

A more natural approach to diabetes control … have you gone low-carb / high fat and increased exercise? You might want to look into berberine … http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Berberine


Roaduh-maY 2015-03-02 17:19:22 -0600 Report

I ordered Glycosolve (berberine) toda, along with Glucocil. We eat very healthy…but I must admit the 200+ is when I fall off and eat some decadent sweet! Normal at nights between 110 and 145.

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