Double whammy

By suecsdy Latest Reply 2015-02-24 12:05:58 -0600
Started 2015-02-23 21:17:44 -0600

Wow. Just got hit with a double whammy…Bg and BP both just dropped. That was weird. Other than last week when I was fasting, that hasn't happened before. Hot shower and bed coming up real soon.

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sweetslover 2015-02-23 21:27:08 -0600 Report

I have found that when my BG is low, my BP is also. That really causes dizziness and bad feelings.

??SCARED?? 2015-02-24 09:34:07 -0600 Report

That's how I have been feeling! But I have so much wrong with me besides this Diabetes they laid on me. My heart, liver, RSD (incurable), glaucoma, and much, much more.Right now I take 11 pills just in the morning, amass thru still haven't given me anything for the diabetes. My number was a 10, they said it should be a 5, in one week watching everything I eat I lost 12lbs and my number went down to 8.9. Still so scared!

sweetslover 2015-02-24 12:05:58 -0600 Report

For me, eating something like celery and peanut butter seems to help. Diabetes can be scary. Learn what you can about it—it does help. Don't be afraid to ask questions. The members on this forum have a lot of knowledge and no question you have will be considered silly. Just remember to check out everything you are told. What works for one person will not necessarily work for you. That is what is so weird about diabetes. Above all, listen to your doctor, especially if you have one knowledgeable about diabetes.