Cinsulin...have you ever heard or used it?

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I have discovered the miracle cure for bringing down my sugar…it's called Cinsulin. I have aggressive diabetes caused I suspect from cushings syndrome, the one that sends up ur sugar and blood pressure . it can be fatal and makes you very sick …depressed and stressed out. since taking these new veggie caps i have actually stopped using the insulin and my sugar levels have been dropping. in fact they dropped so low.. it scared me as i had no idea that they were now i have to be checking even more and now i am just taking the sugar tablets and who knows, with monitoring i will see if i can come off those as well. i am so excited about this new discovery that i have been sharing with friends and now members of this forum. i am not promising that it will work for u but try it and see…It's available at Cosco..but also look it up on line.My numbers have not been this controlled for over a year now. I still watch what I eat… now on soups, porridges (oats and cornmeal) and vegs and meats…try to step up excercise as well.. but i am the happy elf thanks to would be a sin to not share…:)

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Here are some other users of it and what they are saying:

What kind of drops are you getting? How much do you take? What milligram dose is your brand?

If it's basically cinnamon, and I have found in the past that it doesn't lower my levels. Perhaps this combination is what makes the difference.