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Hello, Everyone, I am newly diagnosed and I dont know where to start. I cant get in to see a dietaticen for some time and really clueless other wise. I already walk daily and drink only water. I try to follow a weight watchers diet plan but I am pretty sure that I may be allowing my self to much carbs. Thanks for the tips to get me going in the right direction.

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tabby9146 2009-06-21 18:29:11 -0500 Report

There isn't anything I can add, they have added some great web sites but exercise and diet is the key. have you taken classes yet? I highly recommend taking all of the classes at a hospital that offers them. It helped me tremendously. Before I could start the classes, I just bought some Glucerna things, and bought some low carb food, and I knew I could eat eggs, peanut butter, vegetables, and I knew right away not to eat too must fruit. When eating fruit, it is best to eat those with the natural sugars, isn't as bad as the canned ones and those that have 'added' sugars in them, but even with that, you still have to be careful. When eating fruits with natural sugars, eat something else that has fiber in it, to go along with it and protein is good with every meal as well. A good idea to eat a snack between b'fast and lunch and then another between lunch and dinner. Personally, I do not go more than 3 hours without eating during the day time. I try not to eat more than 60 carbs per meal and not more than 20 at snacks. Hope this helps!

Splender 2009-06-21 01:46:19 -0500 Report

My suggestion is to call the doctor who diagnosed your diabetes. He should be able to get you connected with a diabetes educator. That's how I found out what I should and should not do and it is all new now. When I first went there were so many restrictions you had to follow. Now that's all been removed. It's all in the portion size that matters.

I would also still get tips from this site and whatever friends you have on the site. Your friends here are jewels they will tell you like it is no matter how it feels. And yes there are some great recipes on the site.

Do the best you can and ask all the questions you can so that you know what you are doing is right.

Take Care.


Dancehawk 2009-06-20 23:53:17 -0500 Report

hi hun!
stay here at this site for suport and advise plus a lot of really good friends also sign up on diabetic-diet-secrets.com
down load the pdf book and look at the soft ware. it helps break things down for you.
Remove all junk food from the house, bring in fruits and veggies, cut out all white processed flour and stuff , switch to whole wheat. Cut sugar from house bring in stevia, truvia, splenda.
Walk and laugh at stuff to help from stressing.
Meal planning you can take and meal and redo to healthy, example you like mashed potatos? make mashed coliflower, meatloaf ? add oatmeal to it healthy stretch on the meat plus your cutting out the bread.
portions are the key.
everything can be redone and if you need help just yell.
points at Gabbys post she is awsome.

GabbyPA 2009-06-20 18:59:00 -0500 Report

I have posted some discussions from my Take Charge Of Your Diabetes Class. They are labeled TCOYD #1 thru #7. In those are some really good basics that I learned and wanted to share. That is a good place to start and then you will find you have more questions.

It is a lot to start with, but you will get it. It sounds like you are on a good path so far.

mamaoak 2009-06-20 15:35:10 -0500 Report

wellcome yes you have to watch your carbs and measuer every thing helps there is a site whic will help gives the carbs go towww.diabeticliving online there is some good information and resipies as well. hugs hope this helps

lipsie 2009-06-20 09:48:58 -0500 Report

First off, welcome aboard! I am sure you will find this place very helpful and some really good/cool friends even. There are many areas you can look like the recipe section to get ideas for meal planing or also at the book reviews, you may find some good carb counting books as well. I have been diagnoised a while though just recently have taken a interest in taking care of myself too. Hugs you you and lemme know if I can help in any way. Sheila

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