Anxiety and Diabeties?

By cuddlebear Latest Reply 2009-06-20 15:41:17 -0500
Started 2009-06-20 01:05:06 -0500

Does anxiety affect your blood surgars?

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mamaoak 2009-06-20 15:41:17 -0500 Report

yes this is what will make you bs go higher realax and dont worry right , i had a teacher ho use to say to me think cool you will be cool.hope this works.

lipsie 2009-06-20 07:55:45 -0500 Report

This is my B00 so I am yanno, me…lol but I told him I would think so cuz anxiety could also lead to stress…at least I would think…which we all know stress = higher sugar. Or am totally wrong seriously just a guess here. Love yasssssss! Oh and love you too hunny!! Sheila

2009-06-20 02:04:09 -0500 Report

I can only speak for myself, but when I get in an anxious mood, I tend to eat, and usually the wrong things. I will go to what I consider my comfort food, and that is sweets and unhealthy snacks. That definately will affect my numbers.

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