Wacky people and there claims to cure diabetes or neuropathy in a few days.

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Started 2015-02-20 14:39:02 -0600

I find it a little comical that there are so many YouTube videos that claim a cure in a few days. These headers usually reads "cure… in two weeks." The latest one I read claimed that you can cure diabetes easily; simply by taking cold showers. I am making a list of different kinds of claims that people are making to cure diabetes or neuropathy. I am sad to say, that I have tried some of these claims with no success. Any comments? Does anyone here believe that they can be totally cured from their diabetes? Just curious.

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valentine lady
valentine lady 2015-02-22 18:28:50 -0600 Report

Hi Kabby,
NO, ABSOLUTELY NOT… do I believe in miracle cures for diabetes or
any other disease. The sad thing is people who have had diabetes for
years as well as newly dx. (Diagnosed) diabetics buy into it. I have

reached a point where I was weaned off all diabetic medications. I lost 60 lbs. to do it and completely changed my way of eating. Am I

curedNO…NOT…NO WAY…I will be a diabetic for the rest of my life.
If I don't watch my p's and q's and remain true to myself, I'll be back
on medication which I don't want. SO I stay on the straight and narrow. I don't go on YouTube mainly because of these spam, good for nothing,
ad's. put there by money hungry so and ss's. Well I suppose I've made my point so I'll close for now. But I'm sure you got my point. Good
discussion, thanks for posting. VL

jayabee52 2015-02-21 11:20:43 -0600 Report

Howdy Kabby
Quite often these folks try to post their quackery here on DC.

I've seen many such efforts to separate the diabetes sufferer and their money in the multiple years I've been on DC.

Whenever I see such a discussion started I will report it and it, the folks who mind this website will remove it.

I have read a lot of these claims and they don't make good sense.

Regarding the ability of a cure, I believe (hope) one can eventually be cured from diabetes, but it won't be by some slick snake oil. There have been some interesting discoveries recently having to do with gene expression. It will be interesting to be able to be cured or future people may be prevented from developing the disease at all.

God's best to you


lilleyheidi 2015-02-21 02:40:49 -0600 Report

I do not believe any of these "miracle" cures. I do believe scientists are indeed making great strides on the bionic pancreas which will do wonders for a lot of people, but even that is not a "cure". It's still a treatment. There may be some wonderful ways to control this disease, ways that were not here 20 years ago, and in 20 years there will be even better ways to control it, I hope to live long enough to see those. Taking cold showers isn't going to help me. (well, at least not my diabetes *wink*)
For now, I'm grateful that I have good doctors who treat me well and listen patiently and a good eating plan that helps me to maintain good control of my diabetes and my neuropathy.

Jibber Jabber
Jibber Jabber 2015-02-21 09:56:22 -0600 Report

I read somewhere that a child actually received an artificial pancreas..I don't know if he was the first or if this is one of many…I didn't finish the article as my grand daughter decided THAT was the time for her to need all of grand ma's attention..

Pegsy 2015-02-20 17:53:11 -0600 Report

I don't believe it can be cured but I do think it can be controlled well. I think a lot of people can control it without medication but I am not there yet. I hope to be some day. When I was first diagnosed I felt desperate and I was uneducated about diabetes. I really did believe that I could reverse it. Unfortunately that didn't happen. Although I am much improved, I know now that I will have to deal with diabetes for the rest of my life. In a way, it's a blessing in disguise. I take better care of myself than ever before. Had diabetes not happened to me, I would not have bothered to improve my lifestyle.

Kabby52 2015-02-20 20:28:02 -0600 Report

I appreciate your comment. And yes, I was the same way when I was diagnosed. I have to pat my own back most always, because others around me don't understand my struggles because they don't have the big D and can eat whatever they want and not have a weight gain. However, their bad choices in their diet may someday catch up to them.

Jibber Jabber
Jibber Jabber 2015-02-20 15:27:40 -0600 Report

It is crazy to tell anyone their diabetes can be cured..kind of pisses me off because I know they're many desperate people out there that pay real money for some cures…That being said cold thermogenesis does have benefits…it sure as hell doesn't cure diabetes, but it is not something that should be dismissed as having no health benefits…

Kabby52 2015-02-20 15:35:20 -0600 Report

Thanks for your input. I agree. There seems to be a lot of non-diabetics that want to tell you that diabetes is an easy thing to cure. I stopped telling people that I have diabetes because if THEY don't have diabetes themselves, they don't have a clue. They will usually say things like: I knew somebody that had it or had a relative that had it and they had an amputation of a limb or limbs. How the crap do they think this is suppose to help me!? I don't need their warnings or advice. That is why I like this place. Everyone has diabetes and should know what they are talking about and can give you better advice, better understanding, and encouragement.

valentine lady
valentine lady 2015-02-22 17:58:47 -0600 Report

Hi Kabby,
I detect a bit of anger there. I don' t blame you at all. I used to be there. Then I found my voice. What you said to us you will come to a point where you can say to anyone. It feels good too. Eventually
people will lighten up and so will you. I promise…