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I was diagnosed having type 2 diabetes over 4 years ago. My fasting blood test showed a blood glucose of 320. I started taking metformin which made me real tired. Trying to find a doctor that would understand my complaints and give me encouragement was a real challenge. My weakness, tiredness, fatigue, and stress, forced me to take and early retirement from my teaching job. I started taking classes at The Art Institute of Las Vegas, but I eventually had to drop out due to weakness, tiredness, and fatigue. I stayed in bed most days - being a vegetable. But then something snapped in me and I decided that I was going to try just about anything. I juiced fresh raw vegetables, I took fish oil, I started walking, and I threw away my metformin. I took cinnamon, bitter melon, and all kinds of supplements. I felt that I was doing great and felt energized. I tried to find a doctor that would give me support in doing things naturally. I kept my BG range from 110 to the 120’s. My Ac1 was at 6.7. However, this new doctor was not impressed with me and my natural alternatives in dealing with my diabetes. He would say things like, “One of these days, your pancreas is going to just explode.” And even some friends and a sister-in-law were not supportive, and tried to persuade me in going back on my meds. Well, when winter came, I gave up walking, got depressed, and stopped seeing that doctor. Come spring, I had a heart attack. My oxygen level was very low. And the doctors were trying to normalize my heart rhythm. They were going to put stents in but decided against it because they felt my arteries weren’t that narrow. After that experience, I was on a dozen or so medicines. Blood thinners, cholesterol meds, and high blood pressure meds. Now I had to see a cardiologist, and an endocrinologist. I was diagnosed have sleep apnea and was using a breathing machine at night. I also changed my family doctor who prescribed Glipizide and Farxgia. There’s something about a heart attack that scares the crap out of you and makes one agree in taking whatever a doctor prescribes. This family doctor was nice, but she wasn't really a doctor. She was an RN with a Master’s Degree. I change doctors again. This one is great. She is very positive and gives me encouragement. Well, I lost 32 pounds with a low carb diet along with the Ketogenic diet. I stopped using my breathing machine because I felt I never had more energy using it and my wife said that she can tell that I no longer stop breathing at nights. Could this be because I lost 32 pound? I don't know. But I could not lose any more than that. Then strange things started happening with my BG. It started to dip down to 65 and spike only up to 98. My doctor told me to get off my BG meds. I didn't think that was a good solution, so I halfed my Glipizide. However, this was still not a great solution because I would dip down every now and then to 65 and I would spike up to 110. My doctor then prescribed Victoza and told me to get off my BG meds. However, I found out that my insurance will not cover it. I don’t know what to do now. I am now on a strict vegetarian/ low carb diet and off the Ketogenic diet (No more Meat!). It’s been three weeks now on this diet and I can still not lose any more weight. My new lab work shows my Ac1 at 6.3. Since Victoza is out of the question, because my insurance won't cover it, what else could I take?

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