Marital Bliss?

By handmashed Latest Reply 2015-02-23 16:14:39 -0600
Started 2015-02-16 23:59:00 -0600

My husband made me angrier than I have ever been… and I was so hacked off I refused to speak to him at all. I snapped around 5-30pm and still had not spoken at midnight when I went to bed. My meals were fairly normal in quality and size, carb and calorie counts fairly normal… my night snack was the same as any other night. I took all of my meds, just as usual.
Then this morning my bg was HIGHER than it has been in moths.
Does anger raise your bg? I have been told that stress can… but can being hacked off raise it too?
What is a girl to do when her hubby acts like a block head??

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Jarney 2015-02-23 16:14:39 -0600 Report

There are several ways to handle this. First, an assessment: you're angry over something your husband did or said and it hurt you. When you are calm enough to find out why, discuss the matter with him. Sometimes people speak without thinking first. Maybe he thought you could accept it because it was done or said from a loving place. In any event, communicate how you feel about it and let him know it was not okay with you. You could take others' advise and leave it alone but that would probably gnaw at you because you said you've never been angrier.
So, good luck and I hope you get resolution and get back to loving.

rhett t
rhett t 2015-02-19 09:30:29 -0600 Report

YES! I have found that any stress makes everything go up. Don't go to be with anger. get it resolved before. u go to sleep that's what I was always told.

RebDee 2015-02-19 06:01:50 -0600 Report

First of all, stress and anger do affect your blood sugar readings. Second, a word of advice. I went to Marriage Encounter during my first marriage (it taught me that I needed a divorce and eventually I did divorce him). They have a list of 10 rules, but the one that stuck with me all these years was: NEVER GO TO BED ANGRY. ALWAYS SETTLE IT BEFORE YOU GO TO SLEEP, IF YOU CANNOT SETTLE IT COMPANIONABLY, FIGHT IN THE NUDE AS IT WILL MAKE YOU LAUGH AND THEN THE FIGHT WON'T SEEM SO BAD. Try it, it works!!

GeekonBoard 2015-02-18 18:12:34 -0600 Report

I, too, have read that stress can make a serious impact on someone's BG meter read. Sorry to hear about the stress going on in your life & hope that it has been much better since you posted!

lilleyheidi 2015-02-18 01:55:41 -0600 Report

stress is stress is stress… anger, weddings, funerals, love, insomnia, fights, new babies… you get the picture, good stuff, and bad stuff, it is all stress and it all plays an impact on our numbers, that is why we are told to test so often.

Ruth2015 2015-02-17 21:22:20 -0600 Report

Hi handmashed,
No marriage is white picnic fence so what ever happen try to talk it over because it don't worth it to be ‼️upset‼️ it take a toll on your body sleepless fatigue make you sick overall I learn to say what I feel and get it off my chest it can be fatal. Once in my life my dad made me so up set I pass out because I didn't say what I wanted to say and when I got married my hubby told me talk about any an every thing I still hold some stuff but I try not to go to bed upset also pray about it and ask god for his guidance on how to approach it . Hope it work out and high blood sugar are never good some time is because they care and scared.

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2015-02-17 17:34:50 -0600 Report

Hi handmashed,

As others have said, stress can affect your blood sugar levels.

Here is a link to an article I posted awhile back that you might find helpful:

I know it's not always possible, but it's a good idea to try and resolve issues like this before you go to bed. It makes for more restful sleep, without all those stress hormones around. I know it's not easy when you're really ticked off.

I hope things are going better at home!


handmashed 2015-02-18 02:00:37 -0600 Report

In the many years of marriage we have enjoyed, there have been less than 5 disagreements, and only 2 of them resulted in a fight. No worries, all is well. I just had no idea that such aggravation could cause a spike in bg. Fortunately, it isn't likely to happen again. I enjoyed the article, and it was very informative. Almost made me wonder how my bg acts, or reacts to all the stuff in my world.
Thank you, Dr. Gary for opening my eyes!!

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2015-02-19 22:27:27 -0600 Report

Hi debs, thanks a lot for your reply. Sounds like things are pretty good at home. That's good to know. Always a good idea to keep your eyes on the big picture, and on what's working instead of on what's not working. The day to day stuff can temporarily throw off your perspective. Keep that stress level down as much as you can.

Cathleen1 2015-02-17 14:47:22 -0600 Report

Ive been married to my husband for twenty years and it is not all hearts and flowers for sure! Being angry is okay but it is what you do when you are angry and how you handle your anger that is important.

Type1Lou 2015-02-17 12:17:30 -0600 Report

I've learned to "pick my battles"…some stuff is not worth getting riled about. Others, I feel I have to take a stand on. Life is a series of compromises…I left my first husband in 1976 because I realized I would never change him (or anyone else for that matter) and that I would be better off without him. I met my current husband in 1980 and we are still together but not without some storms along the way. I'm still better off with him.

JoleneAL 2015-02-17 09:28:43 -0600 Report

In a word - yes.

Edited: I'm not going to tell you not to get angry, because we're human. I have a stone-headed, retired husband I would like to toss into the garbage bin most days, but I get my iPad and go walk on the treadmill to burn of the stress.

Jibber Jabber
Jibber Jabber 2015-02-18 10:27:53 -0600 Report

OMG you made me laugh!!!…my hubby is as perfect as a man can possibly be…but they're STILL times I want to throw him up against a wall just to see if he would stick…now I will consider tossing him in the garbage bin instead…

Cathleen1 2015-02-17 07:09:07 -0600 Report

You know husbands are not perfect and they are going to do what they are going to do. I made a choice my health comes first so basically what ever happened let it go and take care of yourself.

Pegsy 2015-02-17 06:32:16 -0600 Report

Yes, anger raises my blood sugar, just like any other stress. Often, not always, anger is the result of misunderstanding. You really need to talk to your husband. Sometimes things can't be resolved quickly but you can at least talk, affirm your love for each other and your commitment to each other. Then you can make a plan as to when you can sit down and talk about the issue in order to resolve it. I hope you can do that soon. If it isn't possible to resolve the issue between you, you need to find a way to deal with your anger and keep yourself healthy despite conflict. For me, prayer and exercise help a lot with that.

GabbyPA 2015-02-17 06:26:56 -0600 Report

Anger and stress are bedfellows. Your body is reacting to the anger in all kinds of ways very similar to prolonged stress issues. I know anger also causes me to have sleepless nights and more, so I try hard to work things through if I can.

Ganu 2015-02-17 06:25:21 -0600 Report

I am not much sure but stress can raise blood sugar levels by releasing stress hormones in the body. Depression and frustration are expressed as angry/very, very angry. Normally we feel anger and we don’t express it, we actually rude and impolite to ourselves. Our anger builds up like steam in a pressure cooker with the small vent closed and then it blows. What happens to next – our feelings and frustrations spill over and our family tell us that our attitude is not good, and most of the time we ignore their wordings.
You are not alone; even I suffered a lot with same situation in past. Finally I realized that ultimately he/she is my family and if saying something may be beneficial for me.
I would suggest, you should talk/discuss more and more to your husband with great patience in such situation, and try to make him laugh including you. Always forgive those who hurt you.
Take a long breathing and concentrate on it (continue do it for 1 minute), you will feel fresh and energetic. Always be positive.
All the best!!!

valentine lady
valentine lady 2015-02-17 05:41:55 -0600 Report

Hi Debs,
You must have been angry. I agree with Steve, a diabetic should
never go to bed angry just for the reason as to what happened to you.
What do we do when our spouse acts like a block head…I don't know the answer to that. Its difficult at best. Especially for a diabetic. Anger is stress and effects the body the same as extreme stress. I.pray all worked out and is back to normal now. That your BG is back where it should be. If you need to talk you know how to reach me in
my private mail. I'm here cor you. Hugs, VL

RebDee 2015-02-19 06:08:35 -0600 Report

Might I add to my post above, after fighting in the nude, kiss and make up before going to sleep.

valentine lady
valentine lady 2015-02-19 09:34:28 -0600 Report

Hi RebDee,
What kind of marriage encounter did you attend? I
can see where you'll laugh to happiness again. LOL… Hugs, VL

jayabee52 2015-02-19 06:14:17 -0600 Report

I'm gonna have to pick a fight with Valentine Lady when next I see her (prehaps in May) LoL!

I went to Marriage Encounter with my 1st wife and I don't remember getting a suggestion of fighting in the nude. But that was during the late 1980s. It could also be something which was specific to a particular religious version of ME.

valentine lady
valentine lady 2015-02-19 09:29:25 -0600 Report

I don't think so…I refuse to flop in the wind even for a good fight. Besides, we don't fight. Accept over your beard and I
refuse to get naked over your beard.. LoL. Love you, P

sweetslover 2015-02-17 04:08:51 -0600 Report

Anger does stress your body and mind. Sometimes dealing with your significant other can be a real challenge, especially when you are diabetic.

haoleboy 2015-02-17 00:51:48 -0600 Report

Anger raises your cortisol levels just as stress does … cortisol causes glucose to be released from the liver … part of the whole fight or flight mechanism … so here is yet one more reason never to go to bed angry.