Is I am on right track????

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Hello Friends,
Good morning from India!
Last year in sep-14, my doc advised me to check my blood sugar.
HbA1c=10.3%, a big surprise for me, as nobody want to be a diabetic, and I was one of them. My doc advised me to start some medicine to get my sugar controlled, I myself dont know but I decided to manage it myself without taking any medicine. I started following:
1. 30 minutes Walk - Ealry morning
2. 15 minutes Yoga - Early morning
3. 30 minutes Walk - Evening after dinner.
4. Also I changed my diet and included some healthy traditional foods in diet.
5. Concentrated on weight reduction (reduced to 68kg from 80kg within one month without cutting my normal diet)
After one month my HbA1c was 7.2%.

My latest status (14 Feb 15) is:
FP = 85mg/dl
PP2 = 90mg/dl
HbA1c = 5.7%
Please advise me if I am on right track? Please suggest me your expert advice.

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