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I am trying to lose about 15-20 pounds. I have been trying to eat better and exercise, but am having a hard time with my blood sugars. I am Type 1 with an insulin pump. I have tried changing my settings to lower the basals. If my blood sugar doesn't drop a couple hours after my bolus then it seems to drop hours later. By that time it was pointless for me to eat better because I have to consume quite a bit of carbs right before bed. Is there a better way for me to try to lose weight and not always have my sugars drop?

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Sopies Grandma
Sopies Grandma 2015-02-12 15:59:43 -0600 Report

that Is a very good question. I wish I had an answer. I need to lose at least 20 pounds and I will be going on the pump next week. I have decided to try eating less carbs and be more active. I am the same as you about eating more carbs before bedtime. If I don't eat good right before I lay down my sugar drops very low. Couple of days ago I woke up with 38 B/G reading. I have not been feeling to good since. If you find an answer to our problem let me know :)

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