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I diagnoses 7 years ago as type 1 diabetic , in the first years my blood sugar was normal and never been more than 250 … now my blood sugar is acting between too much high up to 350 sometimes and lower to 50 … I can't control it , need to control it .. my A1c was 8 it is so frustrating .. I am trying to keep on diet as much as I can but still can't control it … Any ideas please

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NotWilfordBrimley 2015-02-11 01:45:40 -0600 Report

Okay; Type 1 Diabetes is an odd, cantankerous thing. Honestly the differences between it and type 2, they should be called different things entirely. Type 1 is an auto immune disorder where your white blood cells attack the part of your pancreas that produces insulin until the beta cells die, and here you are.

Many things can make your blood sugar high or low; exercise, stress, hormones, weather, illness, etc. Food is just one piece of the puzzle.

Note that 250 is NOT a normal blood sugar! A normal blood glucose reading from a non-diabetic is usually 80-90. My personal target is 100. Lower than that and it can be problematic, but anything higher is doing damage. Those complications the Doc's talk about are real. Not to scare you but I've been a Type 1 for 27 years; because of diabetes, I've had a heart attack, a stroke, rhetnopathy, (blood in my eyeballs). Scary stuff, all because when I was a kid I partied instead of watching my blood sugar.

So if you're having issues with your BGs, a CGM would be amazing. That's a thing that checks your blood sugar, every 5 minutes all day. So when you start to get low, you can treat it to prevent it. When you see it go high for no reason you can also treat it. Ask your doctor for a CGM. Dexcom makes a good one. Also there's a book called "Dr Bernsteins Diabetic Solution" (I think that's what it's called). It was written by a guy that's had type 1 for like 65 years. It's full of good advise. Good Luck!

lilleyheidi 2015-02-07 23:00:02 -0600 Report

Are you following your insulin regimen? Are you following a low carb diet? Have you spoken to your doctor about any of this? If the answer to any of this is no, that is where you should look first. Yes, having numbers ranging all over the place is very frustrating. Diet is often the number one answer. Best of health to you. Heidi

jayabee52 2015-02-07 15:49:04 -0600 Report

Howdy Anon
I believe a lot of T1s have the notion that because they inject insulin into their bodies that they may eat or drink whatever they wish.

IMHO that is a erroneous belief. One needs to eat low carb to manage their BG (blood glucose) levels no matter what their type of diabetes happens to be.

As a T2 I have the benefit of producing enough insulin to be able to manage my diabetes without the use of diabetes meds. I had been able to have an A1c of 5.5%, (currently 6.1%) maintain my BG levels at 80 to 130 mg/dl, lose 65# of fat within 5 mo and keep it off for these past 3+ yrs.

I had written up a high protein, low carb meal plan which helped me accomplish that. I make that plan available to anyone who requests.

I think it may be of help to you also.

God's best to you