Everybody’s a little (or a lot) anxious. What do you do about yours?

Dr Gary
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Living with a chronic condition gives you all kinds of reasons to feel anxious. Do I need to go through a list with you? Probably not.

Humans don’t do well with uncertainty. And chronic conditions can bring all kinds of uncertainty to your life. Having to face a test or a procedure. Adjusting to changes in your daily life. Thinking about the future. And stress. All of this can lead to anxious feelings.

So what do you do about those anxious feelings? Suffer until they hopefully go away on their own? Try a technique and hope it works?

You’ve got more options than that. Coping with anxiety begins with how you think about anxious feelings. As well as preparing yourself for the anxiety that might come your way.

I posted an article awhile back with some ideas on how to cope with anxious feelings. Starting with how you THINK about your anxiety. Here’s a link:


So… what do you get anxious about?

What do you do when those anxious feelings when they do sneak in?

Any ideas to pass along? Need some help?

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RogerF73 2015-02-12 20:35:25 -0600 Report

Being recently diagnosed with diabetes was a big wake up call for me. I wasn't expecting it and have been feeling anxious before going to my follow up visits. Frankly, going to the doctor to me now makes me feel like the moment before a code inspector comes to see one of my projects; I feel I did everything right, but I fear they are going to say " almost everything is ok, but…". I keep telling myself that if I do everything how I'm supposed to, it'll be alright. The most important thing I've found to help me get through my anxiety is being brutally honest with myself. If I confront myself to make sure there really is nothing else I could do, then the anxiety subsides.

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2015-02-12 22:22:26 -0600 Report

Hey Roger, it's great to meet you. I am glad you are here, and I appreciate that you jumped into the conversation. That is a really great metaphor. I think it comes down to taking a hard look at what you need to do to take care of yourself and committing to doing the best you can to make that happen. One day at a time. We can't control everything in life, and wanting that control is a cause of anxiety. But by admitting we aren't in control of everything frees us up to look at what we can control. Don't be too hard on yourself! And stay in touch!

Stuart1966 2015-02-11 17:30:35 -0600 Report

Anxiety: distress or uneasiness of mind caused by fear of danger or misfortune.

I am NOT afraid.

I am entirely certain that lows, highs, complications are absolutely guaranteed to occur. Semantics? Or fundamentally different view of this idea? Resignation.

Is that anxiety? Fatalism? Something else… ? Almost fifty years T1 experience teaches bitter tears.

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2015-02-12 22:14:46 -0600 Report

Hey Stuart, great to see you. That is a very good point. Yes, high, lows, etc. are part of living with diabetes. Resignation... or acceptance. Along with strategies in place so that you can feel confident that you are doing what you can to prevent the highs and lows, and that you know what to do when they do occur. I would call it life on life's terms. But I suspect you have a lot to teach me about this. Thank you for checking in.

Hampshire the twenty seventh
Hampshire the twenty seventh 2015-02-11 14:47:09 -0600 Report

for me its when I have to tell someone im diabetic, most people where I live think diabetics are fat people who have issues so it terrifies me to tell anyone where I live about it. any ideas?

Stuart1966 2015-02-11 17:45:57 -0600 Report

Then do not!

The more intimate the details, the fewer (if ANY) know them about us. Why on earth would you put yourself through that nightmare?

Stuart1966 2015-02-11 17:45:23 -0600 Report

Ok, permit me to play devils advocate here…

why on earth would you tell anyone about your health certainly at that level? I don't tell them about my toe fungus, my cavities. I'm never going to tell someone I'm diabetic, it's never their concern???

What is the idea behind such public revelation(s)?
Don't reveal what is not comfortable, or safe to do so. If it could come back to harm you, certainly do not share such information…

Hampshire the twenty seventh
Hampshire the twenty seventh 2015-02-11 18:05:56 -0600 Report

You have some really valid points there. I dont want to tell anyone really
But the issue is i need to tell my gf of 3 years and the ONLY REASON im telling her is because i really care about her snd i dont want to tell her. So ya

Stuart1966 2015-02-11 17:44:56 -0600 Report

Ok, permit me to play devils advocate here…

why on earth would you tell anyone about your health certainly at that level? I don't tell them about my toe fungus, my cavities. I'm never going to tell someone I'm diabetic, it's never their concern???

What is the idea behind such public revelation(s)?
Don't reveal what is not comfortable, or safe to do so. If it could come back to harm you, certainly do not share such information…

Stuart1966 2015-02-11 17:44:33 -0600 Report

Ok, permit me to play devils advocate here…

why on earth would you tell anyone about your health certainly at that level? I don't tell them about my toe fungus, my cavities. I'm never going to tell someone I'm diabetic, it's never their concern???

What is the idea behind such public revelation(s)?
Don't reveal what is not comfortable, or safe to do so. If it could come back to harm you, certainly do not share such information…

Stuart1966 2015-02-11 17:44:17 -0600 Report

Ok, permit me to play devils advocate here…

why on earth would you tell anyone about your health certainly at that level? I don't tell them about my toe fungus, my cavities. I'm never going to tell someone I'm diabetic, it's never their concern???

What is the idea behind such public revelation(s)?
Don't reveal what is not comfortable, or safe to do so. If it could come back to harm you, certainly do not share such information…

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2015-02-11 17:32:52 -0600 Report


There is a lot of ignorance out there about conditions like diabetes. And you pointed out one of the biggest stereotypes of people who are living with diabetes -- assuming that people with diabetes are overweight and then making them at fault for developing this condition. It's a shame!

What I always say to clients is that we have no control over how other people choose to think. We can try to educate them. They may or may not be willing to change their thinking. But again, we can't control that, either.

So stick close with people who can be understanding and supportive. Focus on what's going well in life. Hold your head up high. And do the best you can to take the best possible care of yourself! Keep in touch with us!


GabbyPA 2015-02-09 09:14:06 -0600 Report

For me that uncertainty can keep me up at nights and make me worry about everything under the sun. This is what I do to overcome that.

I take a deep breath, make a plan and start doing it. Even if I am not 100% successful at it, I do it. The action of doing something about it or for it or to it gives me back my power of control, as thinly veiled as it may be. It is the feeling to total loss of control that makes me crazy.

The part I cannot control is up to the universe, but there are things I can do in my reaction or preparation of those events that give me peace of mind. They often have to be revisited along the way, but I'm okay with that. It can be exciting to find a new solution or uncover a "reason" behind the unreasonable.

I may not be able to fix what is wrong, but I can always adjust how I respond to it. Knowing that there are things out of my control and allowing them to roll off my back is also very useful, but I have to be careful that doesn't turn into apathy. That is a slippery slope I don't enjoy so much. So I try to be as proactive as I can. But there are always times that I just have to cry or get angry. Then I start over again.

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2015-02-09 22:07:38 -0600 Report

Hi Gabby,

Nobody likes uncertainty, that's for sure. And that desire to avoid uncertainty can lead to all kinds of anxious thoughts.

Taking some kind of action is a good way to deal with anxiety. As you said, just knowing you are doing something, successful or not, helps you to not feel so helpless. And humans don't do well with helplessness either. We can't control everything, so let's focus on what we can control.

I know what you mean about apathy. I think if we recognize that we can't control the outcome, then that frees up to focus on what we can do. The options become clearer, and we stop fighting ourselves. Having a good cry or a temper tantrum can get those feelings out of the way. Then we pick ourselves up and get back on the path.

Thanks for your wise words, as always!


GabbyPA 2015-02-10 08:16:35 -0600 Report

Nothing kills me more than uncertainty. I can deal with other things, but that is one that is heavy for me and I know for so many people. It is a great discussion to get those things clear and set in our minds. The cool thing about most issues is that no matter the outcome, we can control our reaction. Keeping a positive attitude about things takes me much farther than getting lost in negativity. Not that I never go there, but it doesn't help me or anyone when I am negative.

I have a close friend whose daughter is going through cancer treatments in New York, far from home. She's an adult, but her attitude has made her a mascot for the lodge where they are staying. She is always upbeat and positive. She doesn't dump on people and takes time to encourage them in their struggles. She is my inspiration.

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2015-02-10 19:25:42 -0600 Report

Hey Gabby, I think that uncertainty is something that humans universally struggle with. We just want to KNOW! So you are not alone in this, that's for sure. But think recognizing that we aren't in control opens the door to seeing more clearly what we can control. Staying optimistic makes a big difference. Your friend's daughter is an inspiration for all of us. It is always humbling to talk to people facing catastrophic conditions who have a positive attitude.

correctionsnurse1 2015-02-08 20:56:58 -0600 Report

I was dx'd with PTSD and Panic Anxiety Disorder long before the Diabetes dx. The panic anxiety was a result of my hysterectomy at age 24. I currently use relaxation CD's in combination with medication.

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2015-02-09 21:58:07 -0600 Report

Hi correctionsnurse1! Great to see you! Relaxation techniques are a great way to handle anxiety, and the medication helps, too. Sounds like you have been dealing with a lot, my friend.

Sopies Grandma
Sopies Grandma 2015-02-08 17:53:28 -0600 Report

for me, I check my blood sugar, it will be either high or very low. I get anxious and sometimes angry. I hate feeling that way.

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2015-02-09 21:57:04 -0600 Report

Hey Sopies Grandma, that's a great idea. Blood sugar can affect your emotions. So it's always good to check so that you can do something about it if necessary.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2015-02-08 17:47:19 -0600 Report

I rarely suffer from anxiety. I try to prepare for all possibilities that I know I am going to encounter.

Another Community President and I wrote a Post Officer plan which will help officers become more community orientated and learn to devise methods of reducing crime on their post. I had no problem discussing this with the Mayor and Police Commissioner and the other Community Relations Presidents. However when the two of us had to present it to the Commissioner, I was a little bit anxious the day before. I sat down and wrote out all the anticipated responses to questions he might have. It was a great presentation and was approved by him. We now have to do a presentation to all Commanders I have prepared for that so I know I won't be anxious at all. There was one element we overlooked and the Commissioner said odds are we would not have thought of it. We did not build in an infrastructure. to that end he is sending all of the Community Relations Presidents to the Police Academy to attend an Infrastructure Building training with all of the Commanders, Sgts. Majors and Captains. We can build it into the project as needed.

I think when a person prepares for something anxiety is at a minimum. I always prepare for meetings, doctors appointments, dinner parties, and just about anything that is on my calendar. I can't prepare for the unknown but I can handle the unknown. No one can predict the future, therefore you cannot prepare for it. However, if you can overcome whatever is thrown in your path, you have less anxiety.

I don't sweat the small stuff. I rarely sweat the larger things because I know it has to be handled. I had biofeedback years ago and learned how to handle anxiety. That is the least of my worries and I have gotten to old to create medical problems. Anxiety can effect your physical and mental well being.

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2015-02-09 21:55:58 -0600 Report

Hi Joyce!

Great to see you! Presentations can be scary, even when you know the material. You never know what questions are going to come up, even if you know the people in the audience. Being totally prepped, including anticipating the potential questions, is a great way to lower the anxiety. And it sounds like you really pulled it off, and even got invited to participate in some additional training.

I agree. Being prepared is a great way to face uncertainty. We can't know everything, but we can certainly be well prepared. That much we are in control over.

Yes, I agree. Let's stay focused on the big picture. The small stuff will take care of itself.

Thanks, Joyce!


Jan8 2015-02-07 09:51:39 -0600 Report

I use to have a huge anxiety problem until I took DBT(dialectical behavior therapy) . When a thought starts to creep in I change where I am, think a new thought ( distraction). I am also on klonopin and that is great !!

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2015-02-09 21:38:31 -0600 Report

Hi Jan8, great to see you again. DBT is an excellent approach to handling anxious thoughts. Distractions are a great technique for replacing anxious thoughts with something more positive. Good idea. And yes, meds can also help. Thanks!

RosalieM 2015-02-07 07:55:59 -0600 Report

Hi Dr Gary,
I am surprised by how many people suffer from anxiety. I did not know how common it is. I suffer very little from anxiety, not that I don't have anxiety opportunity as every one does, but my way of dealing with it seems to head most of it off. I try to anticipate what might be anxiety producing and try to have a solution ready. Example, I teach blood sugar and weight control classes. I prepare for the class well in advance, I try to think of everything and have it ready. I never put things off to the last minute. With finances, (I have to be careful) so I plan ahead and make sure I have some money set aside or at least have enough credit on my credit card to cover the unexpected. I try to learn everything I can about any health issue I have, I learn what all the treatment options are and choose which treatment I prefer before I have a doctors appointment.. As I read what I am writing, I realize what I do makes me feel in control of what ever I am dealing with. I have a hyper personality, lots of energy, some people would call that anxiety I call it enthusiasm. I worry very little. I am getting old and will not live a lot more years. I have already decided how I will deal with the worst that can happen to me. So that is all settled. I feel it is the unknown that causes a lot of anxiety. My way to deal with potential anxiety causing events is to think ahead, learn, anticipate and prepare. Then let it go.
I do find ambiguity and uncertainly rather interesting once all my home work is done. I guess that makes me kind of odd. But then I like novelty too.

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2015-02-09 21:36:22 -0600 Report

Hey Roslaie,

Very interesting! I think one of the things that makes people anxious is uncertainty. As humans, we want to know what's ahead. Of course, we can't know that. However, as you said so well, there are lots of things we can do to be as prepared as possible. Planning, saving, getting informed... all of the things you are doing.

And if you have a hyper personality, I suspect you also like to in control. Another reason to plan ahead. We can't control everything but we can be as prepared as possible for the potential outcomes.

But a caution: Balance is important. We can get so caught up in planning and preparing that we forget to enjoy the moment. So take time to smell the roses, too!


RosalieM 2015-02-10 06:26:50 -0600 Report

Dr Gary,
I do like to be in control of what ever event I choose to deal with.
However I don't choose to deal with every opportunity or event that comes my way. I do not choose to control my adult children or anyone else for that matter. I really value my freedom to question, think and learn and do what interests me in a way that is responsible. I want my children and everyone else to have that same freedom.
In fact I wish everyone gave themselves the freedom to question
the status quo rather than follow the current trend. I see most people like a school of fish all going in the same direction without questioning where they are going and why. I see relatively few swimming up stream along with me. It is kind of sad. I feel there is so much more to life that is missed when one just jumps on the passing band wagon going, they know not where. May favorite saying is when the band wagon goes by, ask what tune is it playing and were is it going before jumping on.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2015-02-08 17:49:55 -0600 Report

Rosalie, then I am kind of odd with you. Having a solution ready takes preparation. I try to stay prepared. I agree with you because I also think ahead, learn, anticipate and prepare. I truly believe that only forward thinking people can do this.

jayabee52 2015-02-07 05:42:16 -0600 Report

Howdy Dr Gary
I try to live by a prayer commonly attribited St Francis of assisi: "God give me strength to change the things I can, patience to accept the things I can't, and wisdom to know the difference" ~ http://www.searchquotes.com/search/wisdom+to+...

Don't always live up to that but I give it a good try.


Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2015-02-09 21:28:32 -0600 Report

HI James! Great to see you!!! I love that prayer. I say it a lot myself. I don't always live up to it either, to be honest. We're all a work in progress. Thank you! Gary

lilleyheidi 2015-02-07 00:26:10 -0600 Report

Long before diabetes I was diagnosed with bipolar and anxiety disorder and PTSD. I have a lot of anxiety issues. Some of the things I've found really helpful in dealing with anxiety and stress is keeping a gratitude journal in the morning that if I need to I can add to during the day. At the end of the day I write a list of at least 3 things that were good during the day, that made me feel good or happy. I also am starting to journal and am taking some meditation classes to learn about meditation to help reduce stress and anxiety. In the past I've found meditation a bit stressful itself, I wanted to get it right the first time, but I'm finding it helpful now.
I have a situation happening today, I'm meeting with my best friend who I had a bad fight with in December and we haven't talked since. We are going to decide today if our friendship is worth trying to reconcile or if we shall just terminate. I've been feeling a bit stressed and anxious about this meeting. I've written about why I feel grateful on having her as a friend for 29 years and I've done some journaling on this issue and I'm not feeling as stressed right now. I'm sure as the time to meet gets closer the stress level will go up a bit, but I'm trying to keep things in a bit of perspective. Whatever will be will be. Thanks Dr. Gary.

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2015-02-09 21:26:34 -0600 Report

Hey lilleyheidi,

I love the idea of a gratitude journal. I often recommend them for my clients. It's a great way to remind yourself that, in spite of your daily experiences, life is still good, and there is a lot in life to feel good about. Meditation is also really helpful. What I find with people new to meditation is that they have high expectations for themselves, and then get self-critical when they don't think they are making enough progress in their meditation. But just the process of meditating, sitting and being with yourself, is what's important. It's not about success or failure. But you probably know that.

Nice to hear you and your friend are attempting to reconcile. Hopefully, you can work out your differences. But whether you do or not, you will know that you tried. Please let us know how it went!

Thanks a lot for checking in!


lilleyheidi 2015-02-10 00:08:54 -0600 Report

Dr. Gary, my friend and I had a good meeting, we did not discuss our differences, but we did agree that we want to, that our relationship is valuable enough to both of us to take the time to sit down and discuss what happened and work through that. We mostly just caught up on what has happened in the past few months and had a light and easy time. We are getting together next weekend again. Thanks for the encouraging words.

valentine lady
valentine lady 2015-02-06 22:58:36 -0600 Report

Hi Dr. Gary
I have severe anxiety disorder. I blame a lot of the problem on PTSD
that I am burden with. But I have found the main thing that sets me off
is when I don't keep my mind active. Even when I war h TV I need to be
doing something else like crocheting. I find it very difficult to just sit idol
because something will creep into there such as a pending dr. visit and
my anxiety goes out of control. I need to keep busy to control it. Thanks for listening,, VL

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2015-02-09 21:21:01 -0600 Report

Hey Valentine Lady! It's rough to live with anxiety disorder. Another reason to have lots of coping mechanisms in place. Very interesting comment about keeping your mind active. What I think that speaks to is the value of having healthy distractions in place. When you are distracted, you don't have space for the anxious thoughts. Do you think that's possible? And I suspect you have lots of energy and need to keep moving. Not such a bad thing if you harness it in a healthy way, which it sounds like you are doing. I have lots of energy, too, and don't sit still very well. The things you do like crocheting are working with your energy, and not fighting it, which could just lead to more anxiety. Thanks a lot for checking in.

robertoj 2015-02-06 20:11:05 -0600 Report

Okay I'm really bad with anxiety. I freak out when my meds or testing supplies run low and I have problems getting prescriptions filled. I always get them but often at the very last minute. I always order well before a refill is needed just to be safe but it continues to happen. I like to meditate bu it's hard to let those thoughts go.

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2015-02-09 21:14:40 -0600 Report

Hey Roberto! Nice to see you. I always think of you as calm and collected. So I guess you get anxious like the rest of us! Well, you are not alone. Nobody's perfect. It might help to put a reminder system in place to help with those refills, maybe get a monthly calendar and mark the reorder dates. It's only human to have lots of thoughts come up. When you meditate, just acknowledge them, and let them go. But you are probably already doing that. Thanks for sharing this.

crazeknot 2015-02-06 19:28:21 -0600 Report

I was just diagnosed w/ leukemia a rare form of bone marrow cancer. So I feel anxious allot lately. I don't know what to expect next. I fine myself in a hurry allot of the time, there's isn't enough time too get everything done. It feel like I'm running out of time & there won't be enough time too get all I want to get done. At the end of the day I feel exhausted , so I don't think I've completed all my task for that day. I put a 3 task list together that I try 2 complete & at the end of the week if I haven't completed a task I start the next week w/ the uncompleted tasks. That way I feel less anxiety & able too stay calm.

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2015-02-09 21:11:53 -0600 Report

Hi crazeknot! It's been awhile. Nice to see you! I am really sorry to hear about the leukemia diagnosis, I really am. I do understand that sense of urgency, the need to get as much done as possible. I encourage you to take good care of yourself, and that means getting adequate rest. Don't put yourself on a race course. Have reasonable expectations for yourself. Make your self-care, including enjoying the moment, a big priority. Good idea to save those uncompleted tasks for later. Just don't start the week already overwhelmed by what you think you should have accomplished last week. I hope you will stay in touch with us, my friend!

Sopies Grandma
Sopies Grandma 2015-02-06 19:05:29 -0600 Report

I feel very anxious. its hard to keep my numbers where they need to be and to remember to take all my meds, when to take them and how much to take. and today I just found out that I was denied Disability. So my today is sort of sucking.
But I will try to look forward to tomorrow, who knows what it holds for me.

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2015-02-09 21:03:00 -0600 Report

Hi Sopies Grandma, great to be in touch with you. I know it's hard to stay on top will all the little chores that come with diabetes. But it's worth the work, as I am sure you know. Sorry to hear about the disability denial. I have heard that you just kind of have to keep at it, so don't give up. And stay in touch!

Sopies Grandma
Sopies Grandma 2015-02-10 16:04:47 -0600 Report

hey doc (aka- Dr. Gary) yes It is very hard at times to stay on top of things. At least we get to give it another go each morning we are on top of the ground :)
This morning I had a very difficult time, my sugar dropped to 38 while I was in the shower and alone in the house. but I managed my way through it and realized that I can do this. I know it sounds a little out there to say this, but making through such a bad moment alone showed me that I can make it.

denipink57 2015-02-06 18:01:01 -0600 Report

i feel anxious a lot. i have bipolar disorder and being anxious just comes for what appears to be no reason.

i work very hard at staying calm. if i feel my calm meter escalating in the least i will remove myself from the situation immediately. i dont even go there.

other things i do is listen to music watch tv and meditate. these are all part of my daily activity.

when the worst of anxiety hits me i take medication. in fact i cant sleep without it. i am very grateful that there is a little orange pill i can take when i get too anxious and when i need to sleep.

i wish everyone very few anxious moments. they are not nice.


Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2015-02-09 21:00:17 -0600 Report

Hi Denise, always good to see you again. Sounds like you know your anxiety triggers and have some tools in place for coping when you need them. That's great. Medication is a real godsend to people who suffer from mental illness. I agree, those anxious moments can temporarily turn you inside out. Fortunately, they are temporary. Thanks for sharing this.

RebDee 2015-02-06 17:29:56 -0600 Report

As many of you know, I have a new man in my life since January 9, 2015. I know that is not a long time but I have seen him every day. Besides, at our age (I am 72 and he is 82), we want to make the most of our time on Earth.
Today, I am anxious. I have been invited to dinner at San's son's home with his entire family. I know that I will be on exhibit. And for this reason, I am anxious. Sam said they will have stuffed peppers - uh oh, I am allergic to peppers. I don't know what else they are having so I hope that I can find something to eat that is on my diet. Since dinner is quite late for me (7:30PM), I plan to have an afternoon snack so that I don't go to low in my BS. I have changed my outfit three times so far and now at least I am satisfied with what I am wearing. I hope all goes well and that they will like me. Sam says it does not matter but I think that it does. I already love his oldest granddaughter whom I met last week at lunch and she is coming to pick me up tonight as Sam will be in the synagogue for Shabbat prayers before dinner. Anyway, I will keep you posted. At least this is a good anxiety.
My biggest anxiety is financial and that never goes away.

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2015-02-09 20:56:18 -0600 Report

Hey RebDee, I didn't know you are dating. Excellent. Congratulations! I hope the dinner went well. I am sure they all loved you. What's not to love? Glad to hear you were ready for anything, including a meal that you couldn't eat. And you had two allies, Sam and his granddaughter. So, how did It go?

RebDee 2015-02-10 01:05:41 -0600 Report

Thanks for asking Dr. Gary. I think it went well. His son and daughter in law were terrific. Apparently I have much in common with the daughter-in-law and felt comfortable with her. However, his youngest daughter seemed cold. I commented on it to Sam but he doesn't care, he keeps saying that it doesn't matter because the only thing that matters is that he loves me. Too soon for me but then again I'm 72 and he is 82 and who knows how much time we have left. Sam and I have much in common - one of them being Diabetes. Thanks again for asking. I'm invited Friday night to go to his second granddaughter's 21st birthday party.

Type1Lou 2015-02-06 16:47:52 -0600 Report

I try not to fret about the things I cannot change and handle/control the things I can. However, I often dream about things of concern and the paths my dreams take aren't always controllable, waking up angry or frustrated. I sometimes find it helps me to write down a list of things I worry about and enumerate what I can do about them. It helps to put things in perspective.

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2015-02-09 08:41:17 -0600 Report

Hey Lou, sounds like you are familiar with the serenity prayer. I think of those words often. Making that list is an excellent idea. Stare those worried down and look at what you have control over, what you don't, and what you can do. Keeping your perspective helps to avoid those anxious feelings.

Pegsy 2015-02-06 16:23:13 -0600 Report

I stress when other people suffer because of something I did or failed to do. I also stress about diabetes control. I think, because I was misguided into believing that it was my fault and if I just get it right I can be rid of it. I need to learn to just accept that this is how it is and make the best of things.

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2015-02-09 08:39:32 -0600 Report

Hey Pegsy, thanks for checking in with your honesty. I hope you aren't too hard on yourself. We're all doing the best we can, and I am sure you are too. We still get to be human. And sorry to hear you were told your diabetes was your own fault. I hear that so often. Yes, life on life's terms. Just keep on taking good care of yourself!

sweetslover 2015-02-06 15:52:38 -0600 Report

I usually just accept things as they are, knowing there are many things I can do nothing about. What does cause me anxiety is going to the doctor. I don't want to hear that something is wrong. I don't want to be fussed at when I am really trying to improve my health but am having trouble succeeding. I don't like having to wait for test results until the doctor can see me. I don't like to wear those ridiculous paper gowns. I don't like feeling like I am some type of livestock that needs to be examined. I am not a prude, but I don't like anyone looking at my body. I don't like to be touched by anyone who is not a close family member/friend.
In case I haven't made myself clear—I don't like going to the doctor. It causes me a great deal of anxiety. As to what I do about it? I just give a big sigh of relief when it is over.

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2015-02-09 08:30:14 -0600 Report

Hi sweetslover! I appreciate your honesty here. I am inclined to agree with you. I don't love going to the doctor either, and I know many others feel the same way. It is not exactly a warm and fuzzy experience, and getting less and less so in this new managed care world we are living in. But glad to hear you aren't letting that dislike keep you from going. I know that feeling of relief when it is over.

Pegsy 2015-02-06 16:26:12 -0600 Report

I don't like going to the doctor either but it is necessary. I go because of diabetes. My doctor makes it about EVERYTHING and I am not interested in the endless services offered by the medical industry that just wants to profit off of me.

RebDee 2015-02-10 01:11:24 -0600 Report

One of the reasons that I like Kaiser Permanente HMO so much is because I can go to any kind of doctor once my PCP puts it on my chart. Sometimes, I go to a clinic for one thing and find out that I have something totally different. Three months ago, I went to the dermatology clinic for a melanoma on my leg (which he burned off), and he then checked my whole body and found a basal cell carcinoma on my back which needed surgery. I am fully healed now but I would have never known about it if I had not said that I wanted to see the dermatologist for the melanoma.

Pegsy 2015-02-10 06:23:51 -0600 Report

When I lived in CA I was a member o Kaiser Permanente and loved it. Unfortunately it isn't available to me here.

RebDee 2015-02-10 01:13:16 -0600 Report

I forgot to tell you that whenever I see a doctor, the cost is $5 which is much less than what I had to pay when I was running all over town to the doctors needed. So I am glad I switched to KP.

haoleboy 2015-02-06 14:39:15 -0600 Report

I try to live by this philosophy …
"The secret of health for both mind and body is not to mourn for the past, worry about the future, or anticipate troubles, but to live in the present moment wisely and earnestly."
This has really helped in dealing with the aftermath of my stroke and the complications of diabetes.


Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2015-02-09 08:17:01 -0600 Report

Hey Steve, always nice to hear from you. Thank you. Those are very wise words. We are only guaranteed this moment in time. So let's all make the most of it. You have been through so much and maintained your optimistic attitude. That says a lot about how resilient you are, my friend.

Jibber Jabber
Jibber Jabber 2015-02-06 13:52:46 -0600 Report

I have plenty of stress in my life…plenty..but none of it comes from me being diabetic…when I was first diagnosed I use to stress it…stressed shopping..stressed cooking…worried about planning my doctor appointments around my hubby's to make our lives easier…didn't take long to realize stressing stuff serves no purpose and all I can do is what I can do…They're many other places in my life where I have much more control…so I can do a lot more to resolve issues..that is where my focus is..I will stress stealing from peter to pay paul to get through the month…because I know I can do that and have everything under control that month…but my diabetes…all I do is eat super low carb…get my exercise in..and make sure I take my meds…whatever will be..will be..

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2015-02-09 08:13:43 -0600 Report

Hey Jibber Jabber, great to see you. Thanks for jumping in on this with your wise words. Yup, you're right. There are some areas of life where we have control, and some areas where we don't. So why stress out over what you don't have control over? And as you said, with diabetes, there is a lot you can control. Well said!

bellastar 2015-02-06 13:39:54 -0600 Report

I get nervous that I won't be aware of highs and lows! I'm new to this and it's scary! I test a lot!

Dr Gary
Dr GaryCA 2015-02-09 08:07:08 -0600 Report

Hey bellastar, nice to see you! Sounds like you are making sure you stay on top of this! It's better to know than to not know. Thanks for checking in. Gary

Pegsy 2015-02-06 16:29:52 -0600 Report

I test a lot too. I really don't need to do that but I have become compulsive about it. I really need to stop and just not stress over it anymore.

Jibber Jabber
Jibber Jabber 2015-02-06 17:46:05 -0600 Report

I test like a fiend…but not because I am worried..but because I am an information hound…I use to get upset if I was higher than I thought I should be…recently I have adopted the…don't much give a crap attitude…seriously..I eat super healthy and super low carb..I exercise everyday…there really is nothing else I can do…I just like to test and experiment…experiment and test…my hubby thinks diabetes is my new entertainment of choice…

RosalieM 2015-02-07 07:08:38 -0600 Report

My approach to diabetes all these years is like yours.
Learn what is the healthiest diet and exercise for myself, by testing and experimenting then do it and don't worry about it. I also try to pass on what I learned to others in the same boat.

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