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I have type2 Diebetes and how do I lose the weight in my stomach?

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Pegsy 2015-02-04 08:13:09 -0600 Report

Hi Pianoman,
Steve and the others are leading you in the right direction. Unfortunately, when we lose weight, we don't get to decided where it comes off. My experience was that if came off from the top down. It was first noticeable in my face of all places. It came off my lower body later and unfortunately, my stomach area last. But the important thing is that it came off! I have lost over 90 lbs. eating a low carb/ high protein, healthy fat diet. I also exercise a great deal. Resistance training builds and maintains muscle mass which burns more calories all day long, even while you sleep. Aerobic activity is good for your lungs and heart but it also burns calories which helps a lot with weight loss. I make sure to walk a minimum of 20 minutesevery day (to maintain my weight loss), even if it is marching in place in front of the TV. Men naturally have more muscle mass than women do and they tend to lose weight faster and more easily than women.

Refined Ruffian
Refined Ruffian 2015-02-04 06:37:04 -0600 Report

Sir, I do believe it is that simple; eat a diet low in carbs and high in protein and good fats and increasing your physical activities. Eat whole foods ads much as possible, avoid processed foods. Shop around the outer perimeter of the grocery, stay out of the aisles.

Find a physical activity you enjoy so that you will stick with it. Try something new every now and then in case you might like that, too.

Best of luck to you!

jayabee52 2015-02-03 23:18:29 -0600 Report

Howdy Pianoman

I second what Steve told you below. There is no way to reduce just in one part of the body. I looked for a study which backed that up and found it at Yale University ~ http://www.yalescientific.org/2011/04/targete...

Like Steve I also lost weight on a high protein, low carbohydrate meal plan. I lost 65 lbs over a period of 5 months. I started looking gaunt, and decided to tweak my meal plan a bit to add in some fats. I am not svelte by any means but I have a healthy weight for my 63 years.

God's best to you

haoleboy 2015-02-03 22:09:30 -0600 Report

I have had great results losing (165 lbs.) and maintaining that loss with a low carbohydrate / high fat "diet". I also have a daily exercise regime. For me exercise is more valuable for toning and retaining/increasing muscle mass than for facilitating weight loss.
It is my understanding (and personal experience) that it is not possible to target specific areas for weight loss… this despite the miracle claims of several weight loss "supplements".
(multiple evidence-based, peer-reviewed studies confirm "spot weight loss" is not possible)


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