Treadmill for your health

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I am 72 years old, PW2. I have had this treadmill since before Brand names went out of business years ago. Summer camp and walk, also walk my dog around the block. Winter in New York State walking not the safest thing to do. I have set myself up to at least 30 min. a week x 3 exercise on treadmill. I can work this in without difficulty. If go to mall we walk the mall. Sometimes go to WALMART for just exercise of walking, may even find something to buy. :)
This am after 35 min. on mill tested 104. Make it well worth the time. Ready for lunch after that. The treadmill is my friend. Love to listen to my music and watch traffic outside the window.
Investment really pays off.

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jayabee52 2015-02-03 00:48:12 -0600 Report

That is wonderful PeggySue. Good for you!

I used to have a schwinn airdyne for my exercise, but my ex got that in the divorce settlement, so now I got nothing. I live in a multistory apt complex and could use that as an area to exercise, However my feet hurt too much from a burning neuropathy. So I don't do that much

God's best to you and yours