Atkins and colon cancer...

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As I looked around the site the other day…I noticed several comments from people linking atkins to colon cancer…Without a doubt this is true…many people do not follow Atkins the way Dr. Atkins STRESSED that it should be followed..He stressed the majority of NET carbs should come from produce..that is a fairly good amount of produce..and once you go into ketosis you can add carbs 5 at a time (per week) until you reach your carb tolerance level…mine is 30-35 NET grams a day..the vast majority of which I get from produce..BUT I also consume flax and chia which have very few NET carbs…I do not sacrifice fiber in my diet to be on a keto diet…People DO exist that DO NOT follow keto diets in a way that is healthy..Zealots will always exist…you can see them all over the internet..I once watched a man mix a stick of butter in a can of salmon and call it lunch…no fiber…no good…I am NOT trying to persuade anyone into going on a keto diet…what I am trying to do is tell people that Keto if done properly is very HEALTHY…that being said..everyone has to find their own comfort zone when it comes to diet..

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Pegsy 2015-01-31 11:44:16 -0600 Report

I just read an article online explaining the keto diet. In regard to negative studies on the topic I loved reading the statement, "Mice are not brown fury humans." Exactly! I don't think my diet actually qualifies as a keto diet but it is pretty close. I eat mostly meats and vegetables with an extremely small amount of starchy carbs. I don't even count the carbs in most veggies I consume because they don't have much of an impact on my glucose. It's the starchy foods that do. I don't know if I will get to the point of eliminating all starchy foods from my diet or not. Time and A1c results will tell. As you say, "everyone has to find their own comfort zone when it comes to diet."

DrJohn 2015-01-31 06:58:59 -0600 Report

Extremely low carb/keto diets can lead to brain dysfunction down the road.


ketokittn 2015-12-08 17:33:02 -0600 Report

I would be very interested to see any studies proving this theory. I can't seem to find any. If you know of any, please point us in the right direction? Thanks! Kitt

Jibber Jabber
Jibber Jabber 2015-01-31 15:48:17 -0600 Report

Actually…no it doesn't …I am NOT a dumb chicky by any stretch of the imagination and have done a great deal of research into this topic…and THAT is a very old school way of thinking…FAT not carbs is the preferred fuel of the brain and of brain development…I find it funny that when it comes to infants and children under 5 the medical community acknowledges this..They will tell you NOT to give an infant or small child skim dairy products because they need fat for the brain…but suddenly after age 5 they tell you give the child fat free or low fat dairy…They do this NOT because nutritional requirements change..but because of the rates of childhood obesity…meanwhile it is not the natural fat that is making these children fat..It is all the junk and refined foods in their diets combined with the fact children sit on their electronics all day and get no exercise..My children were all honor students and my grandson is currently an honor student…They were fed eggs daily and plenty of red meat and full fat dairy..I am not a meany..they were allowed sweet treat occasionally, but they were very limited..My children ate very little rice and pasta when they were growing up..but they did have a salad every night with their dinner and plenty of veggies…The only time they really ate bread is if they wanted a peanut butter sandwich…

jayabee52 2015-01-31 16:09:38 -0600 Report

*Tongue in cheek* See Jib jab you're proving his point, LoL!

Jibber Jabber
Jibber Jabber 2015-01-31 16:35:15 -0600 Report

I have always stressed a healthy diet with my children…and I have always loved my veggies…I dare say that it was the 2 liter bottle of pepsi I drank every day for 25 years (sometimes more)..that gave me diabetes..but my children were only allowed soda on their birthdays and holidays as a treat..plenty of veggies and fruit..plenty of full fat dairy and eggs…and plenty of red meat…yep…

haoleboy 2015-01-31 12:58:56 -0600 Report

John … please provide us with links to some peer reviewed evidence-based studies that support your statement.

Here's a link to a study that was published in The European Journal of Clinical Nutrition in June of 2013 that suggests quite the opposite:, citing the therapeutic benefits of a low carbohydrate high fat ketogenic diet in the treatment of a variety of neurological disorders.


Jibber Jabber
Jibber Jabber 2015-01-31 16:00:49 -0600 Report

and please do not pull up biased studies from 30 years ago…I have read many a study from years ago that called fat consumption the reason why Americans are getting heart disease and diabetes. These studies have been found to be very flawed..and in fact very dishonest…Then there is the many scientific findings telling us eggs are a satanic devil food..which we all know is not true…so please if you are going to site studies make them recent and unbiased..also I would like to note at this time..since the 80's when doctors started warning us off things like red meat, butter, and full fat dairy products the rates of obesity, heart disease and diabetes have gone up exponentially..Seems all that "healthy" low fat eating is killing Americans at record rates..

marianrandy 2015-01-31 06:43:24 -0600 Report

Thanks so much for the insight, this is all brand new to me so you can say I am learning. I have been instructed to have 45 carbs for each meal (breakfast, lunch, dinner) and then 20 carbs for each snack which is twice a day. I love produce so I eat that and salads. Any other info anyone can share I would be extremely grateful for.

RosalieM 2015-01-31 06:00:41 -0600 Report

HI Jibber,
I couldn't agree with you more. It is what I do for myself. However since my business is diabetic food, I talk about food with everyone that shows at my shop door most diabetic.
The vast majority of people I talk food with, want to be told exactly what they should eat. You are in the minority as you think, reason and experiment.
A majority of folks do not do what you do. They want and need to be told.
Too little fiber in an Atkins type diet sometimes causes colon cancer.
Sufficient fiber prevents cancer in most people. Unless you have colon cancer in your genes. That may be a special case.

haoleboy 2015-01-30 22:42:12 -0600 Report

You know that crazy diet will kill you

ketokittn 2015-12-08 17:39:09 -0600 Report

Thank you for the links! People tell me all the time I should just give up the "trendy", "silly" or "crazy" diet. Keto is a lifestyle choice for me, and has completely taken away the glucose roller coaster symptoms as well as the chance of "coming to" in some public place with a random stranger calling an ambulance or trying to force feed me. *blush*
My life is so so much better. People do like to put down things they don't understand though, don't they? :D

valentine lady
valentine lady 2015-01-30 22:06:57 -0600 Report

Hi Jib Jab
Thanks for the update on the Atkins diet. Could you supply those links
to this new information. I'd liked to read as well. Thanks, VL

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