There but for the grace of God...

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I was having a really bad day tax refund hit my checking account..minus 248 bucks for my penalty…My desk top reported a fatal hard drive error..and needs to be chucked in the trash…I needed to get out of the house…I don't know why I did..usually when I am upset I just veg out and go to sleep…but today I needed to go for a walk…I was of the main strips and saw an elderly woman..she must of been in her 70's…she was sleeping behind a store by the heart broke…I didn't know what else to do but give her some money and ask her if she wanted me to call someone for her..or help her get to a shelter…I am a woman of faith and truly believe God was giving me a reality check…my life is good..I am blessed…just needed to share..because I know we all have moments of self pity…count your blessings everyday…

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Cherokeemaiden 2015-01-30 13:30:14 -0600 Report

God bless you for your compassion. When you felt like you needed to go for a walk, it was God telling you he had a mission for you today. I don't think any of us really realize how blessed we are until we encounter someone who is A LOT worse off then we are. So glad you shared this. It's a wake up call to me too.

sweetslover 2015-01-30 13:14:29 -0600 Report

We all need those occasional reminders or "wake up calls" that let us know we are more blessed than we think.

Pegsy 2015-01-30 12:59:10 -0600 Report

We all have bad days that can really cloud our view of the good that is in our life or keep us from seeing the struggles of others. My problem is that I get too involved with other peoples' problems sometimes and then they become my own. Not a healthy habit. Then there are those rotten circumstances that you just can't do anything about. Like today. I have had a very mild cold. Unfortunately it has kept me awake at night with that little tickle cough. I am three nights running without enough sleep now. That leaves me cranky and having difficulty thinking so I don't want to work on the taxes as I had planned to do today. The blessing? I don't have to work today and can take a nap!

Type1Lou 2015-01-30 12:43:44 -0600 Report

Bless you for your compassion! While diabetes is a chronic condition there are many others much worse off than we.

Jibber Jabber
Jibber Jabber 2015-01-30 12:11:21 -0600 Report

I did it again..posted under anonymous…this time I blame the laptop keyboard…I cant stand laptops…lmao

Pegsy 2015-01-30 15:13:09 -0600 Report

I had a great nap. 20 minutes turned into 2 hours. I never do that! I hope your day got/gets a lot better. Hang in there!

Jibber Jabber
Jibber Jabber 2015-01-30 18:19:30 -0600 Report

It did…I sent my son over there to check on her and he convinced her to let him take her to a shelter…her husband passed away a few years back..she was living on his pension and social security..then the company he worked for went out of business and she lost his pension…seems as though anyone can get screwed if the company paying your pension files for bankruptcy. How sad is that.. But at least I know she will sleep in a bed tonight..

lilleyheidi 2015-01-31 00:36:00 -0600 Report

God bless you. Thanks for going for that walk today instead of climbing under the proverbial covers and burying your head. I'm so glad that one little lady got a little bit of help. I'm so sorry you had such a rough day, but tomorrow will be a bit brighter and you put a smile on my face. Hugs, Heidi

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