Need some ideas...cannot keep it off

By Turtle Latest Reply 2009-06-18 12:25:06 -0500
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Hi, I recently lost 20 pounds because I was so ill. But! as we all know, that is not the way to lose and keep it off. I need to lose a lot and keep it off. I cannot get much exercise in because of knees that are both going to have surgery soon so that gives you an idea of the pain I am in , do I just drink water and fill up that way? There is no nurishment there. Any ideas?

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John Crowley
John Crowley 2009-06-18 12:25:06 -0500 Report

You certainly are in a challenging situation. But just because you're more limited in the activities you can participate in, doesn't mean that you can't lose weight.

One suggestion that I think is a good place to start is always have a glass of water at the beginning of each meal, and also any time you feel the need to snack. Often, thirst is confused with hunger.

I agree with Gabby's suggestions about finding exercise options that you can do while seated. Here's a link to some DVD's designed specifically for those with limited mobility:

I also think some of the discussions we've had on here about making sure you're getting plenty of fiber and lean protein in your diet. These help you feel full longer so that you're not constantly feeling like you're starving.

I hope that helps some.

GabbyPA 2009-06-17 21:10:08 -0500 Report

Hi Turtle,
Even if you can't move your legs much, you can still exercise in your chair with a resistance band or even just cans of veggies. The thing is to get moving, and here is why.

Not only does it burn off calories, it gets you tone and the more muscle you have the more your body will burn calories, even when you are not exercising.
PLUS when you exercise, you open up your cells to receive your glucose without the aid of insulin. This is great for lowering your BG number (but be careful you don't drop them too much.)

Even if you just do it during commercials while you are watching TV or 10 minutes 3 times a day. It doesn't have to be a lot at first, work into it. And then be amazed at how much you start to crave exercise.

Loosing weight thru illness is always exciting to me too, but it does end up coming back. If you want to loose it, you have to work at it. But it is worth every effort you make.

So hang in there and get those arms a movin'! You will be sharing with us in no time how that 20 pounds has become 25, 30 and can do it.

lipsie 2009-06-16 04:22:25 -0500 Report

Yeah, the low carb diets are the best I feel. Though I am not in a great set style myself yet. I also have trouble with my knees too. But I have been walking more n more, slow paced, not everyday can I even do it but I try.Don't give up though. Good luck, keep us updated! Sheila

cakeybakes 2009-06-15 21:24:23 -0500 Report

I have discovered the joys of growing my own lettuce (in pots, since I rent) and can have a salad ANY TIME I want! It's great to add a little tuna or turkey and some vinagrette-type dressing. I always keep baby carrots on hand, and a bag of small apples and peanut butter.

I have bad knees, too, and fibromyalgia, and arthritis, but I force myself to walk, not that that's your answer. The YMCA has some great programs, especially water aerobics and low-impact work-outs specially designed for seniors and those of us with physical challenges. There are a lot of financial programs for people who may not be able to afford the classes or have certain kinds of insurances. Sometimes you can even get FREE membership (like my Mom who has Humana). Some simple stretching and flexing excercises keep your flexibility up, too. I also do light weight-lifting for strengthening those pesky back and neck muscles that insist on providing me with a majority of my pain.

I LOVE my breakfast! Eggs, cottage cheese, plain yogurt with fruit mixed in (I make my own and have found it's a lot less sour than store-bought!), fruit like apples with peanut butter, oatmeal, a little meat left over from last night's dinner. It's okay to have dinner for breakfast, that's usually where you get your protein for the day. If I eat a nice hearty breakfast (still low-carb), I have great numbers through the day and TONS more energy. That means I want to move more, that means I want to excercise more! I know how hard it was for me to get started on the work-outs, but I found after a couple of weeks of FORCING myself to walk that little bit extra my pain decreased significantly. Ask your doc what you are ALLOWED to do first!

Good luck! Keep us posted on your progress!

mamaoak 2009-06-15 19:45:02 -0500 Report

oh no just lower your carb in take i lost 46 lb since jan. i eat a good breakfast use low carb whole grain bread i eat 1 slice at breakfast and one for lunchsome times i have a salad for lunch and i find strawberies help you are allowed 1 1/4 cups which has 15 carbs s0 i cut them up and divide it for tw0 meals or my snacks that day. hope this is some help.

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