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Started 2015-01-29 01:36:13 -0600

I will get a spike of like 147 an hour after eating but it drops to 95 after an hour. Is this normal? I am on once a day metformin 500 mg er.

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haoleboy 2015-01-29 10:36:27 -0600 Report

Not normal for non-diabetics but, as a type 2 diabetic (?), you are insulin resistant and your body is not responding well to the primary insulin release but requires the extra "kick" from the secondary release before it starts returning your blood glucose levels to normal. It's fortunate that you are responding to the secondary release (guessing you are newly diagnosed) but keep an eye on that. Diabetes is usually progressive and your body may begin to slow its response to the secondary insulin release at some point (you may be able to delay or avoid that by keeping tight control now).


Type1Lou 2015-01-29 09:48:44 -0600 Report

It is normal for blood sugar to spike after a meal. Your 147 reading indicates that you have "tight" control. Have you had any problems with low BG reactions? If so, your metformin dosage may need adjusting…something to discuss with your doctor. Keep track of your BG readings so that you can share with the doctor.

wildtigger2 2015-01-29 16:19:00 -0600 Report

Only once did it get to 67 one morning. Ave around 100 according to log book. Only had about 3 to high readings.

Suzanne Poole
Suzanne Poole 2015-01-29 04:38:38 -0600 Report

It is best not to do any readings until at least 2 hours after eating. You will spike and fluctuate all over until it levels out 2 hours later.

wildtigger2 2015-01-29 04:45:09 -0600 Report

I had been told on another discussion board to find out what foods cause a spike by doing testing thirty min and an hour after I eat to find what foods give me most trouble. Is that wrong and I should just test two hours after? just trying to do what needs to be done to keep myself at this first stage.

Suzanne Poole
Suzanne Poole 2015-01-29 04:51:00 -0600 Report

All foods are going to cause a spike. Testing 2 hours after you eat tells you what the food you ate did to you. And yes you can test before you eat so you know where you started and if you are high what and how to eat. IE, if you are high. Don't eat heavy on carbs. (potatoes, pasta, breads etc…) instead eat more protein and Veg. If you are good or on the low side then you can afford to splurge on the carbs a little but don't go over board and YO-YO. You can always have more later.

jayabee52 2015-01-29 01:41:43 -0600 Report

Howdy Tigger
180 mg/dl is about the limit you should be experiencing 2 hrs after eating (which is generally accepted as the best measure of how you're doing) That you are at 95 mg/dl after 2 hrs means that your metformin is doing its work for you.

God's best to you

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