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Has anyone used this new drug?

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lilleyheidi 2015-01-28 00:06:02 -0600 Report

I've not heard of that one either, so I looked it up, and it's got a lot more testing to do before I would consider it. I'm one who tends to lean like Jibber Jabber and not take new meds till they have been around for a while. Best of health. Heidi

Bronzepony4u 2015-01-28 02:17:34 -0600 Report

You take it once a week and it keeps the sugar levels below 200. Im from the old school and did some research and found that its a "hormone" replicator. There is no insulin. Nor did the doctor want me to take anymore insulin in conjunction with this "New" Treatment. I found it odd when I was given the prescription on Friday and over the weekend I got several phone calls from the Oncologist asking me how I was feeling on it? I didn't answer his phone calls and waited to see how many more times he would call and he kept phoning which raised my suspicion and I started to go on the defense being that I honestly don't trust the medical establishment and with very good reason (as I am sure we all know that the concept of the currency is at the top of the priority list). That being said I am not going to walk into this one with eyes wide shut. i purchased the Hulda Clark Zapper and it cleared up my foot and leg problems amazingly. Dr. Clark who was eliminated as all the others before her sharing this technology have gone before. She subscribed to the understanding that diabetes was the result of a pancreatic parasite along with the multiple other viruses out there but mainly "Parasites". i must say that there is something to this because I have experienced some miraculous outcomes using this devise which is based on "exact frequency vibration" which targets the nano technology parasites infused into our bodies. Knowledge is power and this is one to look into. She further explained how tumors of cancer origin are the bodies way of isolating the invading host by encapsulating it with human tissue so the invading host cannot due further damage.When I first zapped I had about thirty bumps in various sizes surface on the inside of my leg near my private parts. I touched them, squeezing then to feel it and they ranged from very hard to the consistency of a pimple but was in no way acne. With continued use of this isolated frequency and the voltage amount of a 9 volt battery there is no pain or shock feeling. I can feel my veins pumping and visually see them moving as if I went jogging. The frequency vibration runs through your body "zapping" unwanted nano technology parasite pathogens which I noticed the dye off in my toilet. One week later the 30 plus "Tumors" where gone with the exception of a few but continued zapping and all gone. The M.D. Doctors would have just wanted to operate most likely and amputate my leg. Ummm Hmmmmm. So many unnecessary operations going on out there. Dr. Clark explains everything from what to expect and what to look for in a very matter of fact approach. The zapping runs throughout your whole body, brain included (can you say alsheimers disease). The body is made up of 90 percent (more or less) H2o. Our bodies are a battery conductors. When the charge of our bodies is low from years of consuming bad food diets, inhalation of bad air (mercury), ingesting toxic drinking Water (Chromium and Aluminum just to name a few). The body become weak in polarity and open to poor eye sight, infections and virus's that our bodies that where designed to fend off naturally. i could go on and on but I recommend that you do some research yourselves in finding the truth underneath the visade. I believe in FACTS and NOT heresay which is why I research and investigate listen to hundereds of other peoples testimonies and then I purchased the device used it on myself and I cannot emphasize enough the power of knowledge through holistic and god given authority to defeat these lies being sold to us. Thank You for your time.

Jibber Jabber
Jibber Jabber 2015-01-27 14:54:30 -0600 Report

NEW DRUG you say…I will never take a new drug unless the doctor tells me there in nothing else and I will die without it…this country has a long history of approving drugs then having to recall them because of the damage they cause…me..give me the old stuff that has been on the market for AT LEAST 10 years, hasn't been recalled and hasn't generated 100 law suits…

Bronzepony4u 2015-01-27 13:53:29 -0600 Report

Thank you. I seen that as well. I don't think Im going to try this "new" treatment. I am not a rat (even though they see it differently) ;-).

jayabee52 2015-01-27 03:38:27 -0600 Report

Howdy Pony
I had not even heard of this med, so I queried Google and found this multi page writeup about it: ~

The thing which struck me at first was the warning on the first page about the possibility of "thyroid C-cell tumors" in rats. They do not know if that will translate into problems for humans.

God's best to you and yours