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Hello to the community! I'm a Type 1 since 1988. Very healthy and asymptomatic for the most part. My A1C's are mid-6's. I've been on a Minimed pump for over a decade and have been happy with it, but never could get on a regular usage of the original CGM model that they offered. While I liked the CGM data & functionality, inserting was troublesome to the point that I don't wear it very often.

I'm ready to upgrade my pump (529?) to the newer version with an improved CGM that is supposedly easier to insert. I'd like to get some opinions from the community that are already wearing Minimed's newer version of the pump (530G) & CGM (Enlite).

I'd also like to get the community's opinion of the Dexcom Share. That seems cool and useful. I could decide to keep my 529 Minimed pump and just get the Dexcom for CGM purposes. That's the only reason I'm really thinking about an upgrade with Minimed to begin with. Is the Dexcom easy to insert? How big of a pain is it add another device that you must carry? I'm afraid that I already wear my pump inside my pants pockets and my iPhone in my other pocket. Will I have room for another device? I'm a male, so I don't carry a purse so this is an issue to consider.

Thanks for those that give feedback. I'm looking forward to the community!

Joe in Texas

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Erin Michelle
Erin Michelle 2015-01-27 21:11:51 -0600 Report

I have the animas ping pump which i love. It comes with a meter remote that I can use to check my sugar and control my pump. This is great because a woman I stash my pump in my top. It is great that I don't have to pull it out. Also I have the dexcom cgm. Wow! Can't live without it. It is quite accurate. It isn't complicated to put in at all. Easier then changing my pump site. I recommend the Dexcom to anyone. It does help you to manage your blood sugars. Because it gives u a updated reading every 5 minutes

jwh5834 2015-01-27 07:05:37 -0600 Report

The Minimed has been great. Their original CGM has been difficult to use, but they now have a newer version that is supposed to be much easier/better to use.

bethany97 2015-01-26 23:36:22 -0600 Report

Does the minimed work good??? I get up to one Tuesday and I'm a little nervous about it but excited at the same time