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It's at 79 I don't feel good and I've been sucking down Mountain Dew what do I do?

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tabby9146 2015-01-25 13:26:39 -0600 Report

no soft drinks worse thing you can do. I know this was a day ago, but try to grdually raise BS if you "feel" low and yes 79 is a great number, but try 15g of carbs. I feel low sometimes at 70. when it doesn't go away I get something to eat to raise it a bit. just be careful not to over raise it and have too many carbs.

lilleyheidi 2015-01-25 00:44:16 -0600 Report

79 is well within the normal range, it is not on the low side at all, so there is no need to be downing sugar. Sucking down a Mtn Dew is going to raise your blood sugar and you'll be feeling even worse. Like sweets said, if you can possibly do it, abandon all sodas, or totally switch to sugar free soda. If you need a snack or are feeling like you are running low, if your BG is below 70, have 4-6oz of juice and then after 15 minutes if your within the normal range have some protein and a little bit of carb. Best to you. Heidi

sweetslover 2015-01-24 12:34:05 -0600 Report

I would advise getting rid of all sodas. That is not the sugar you need. Eat a meal with protein and a few carbs. Peanut butter on an apple or celery is good.
Scramble and egg and with it have a lightly buttered piece of toast (whole wheat bread). Eat a piece of cheese with a couple of wheat crackers. Sunflower seeds are great. These are just a few ideas that help me.

rhett t
rhett t 2015-01-24 11:45:32 -0600 Report

Try some peanut butter. Or orange juice. Peanut butter has protein in also. That's what I use

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