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I just joined a few days ago after being told I had type 2 diabetes. I have seen several recipes on here I want to try and wondered how do I save them so I can look at them later.

All your help is appreciated.

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RebDee 2015-01-21 04:01:40 -0600 Report

What I do is block them, then copy them, then send myself an e-mail with the pasted recipe. Don't know if it is right, but it works.

jayabee52 2015-01-21 10:51:54 -0600 Report

What could also be done is highlight (is that what you mean by "block" Dee?) copy and paste to a word processor file, and then save the file on that word processor I would then place that saved file to a folder on my hard drive marked "files". If I used it a lot I'd place that folder on my desktop folder.

RebDee 2015-01-21 11:58:25 -0600 Report

Yes James, block is highlight. I have a whole recipe file that has been used in many cookbooks (I have edited several) but now I am looking for specific recipes for Diabetics and am sending them to myself to try before I keep then in my permanent word processing file.

haoleboy 2015-01-20 22:15:07 -0600 Report

how are you viewing this site? (computer, tablet, phone)

Coopie19 2015-01-20 22:56:17 -0600 Report

On my computer.

haoleboy 2015-01-20 23:40:44 -0600 Report

Easiest way would be to go to the recipe you'd like to save and right click anywhere on that page … you should be presented with a list of options one of which should be "save as" or words to that effect (varies by browser) then save as HTML complete (again, or words to that effect) this will save the page for you in the location you designate. probably be a good idea to create a folder for yourself to keep them in as it will be easier to find if they are all in one place.
If this is confusing to you let me know what browser you are using (Chrome, Firefox, IE or Safari) and I can give you browser specific instructions.


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