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is it necessary for diabetics the FBS and blood insulin test and Crearctive test what the use for this test and nomalvalue

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Papanna 2015-01-21 03:47:31 -0600 Report

Thank u for your respond to members. Can u please informed these tests may be done once in a year itmay be done in all laboratory

haoleboy 2015-01-20 11:01:20 -0600 Report

The insulin test is a measure of the amount of insulin your pancreas is producing … zero indicates Type 1 diabetes and high levels can be an indication of Type 2.
Fasting Blood Glucose (FBG) is a measure of how well your body is processing glucose (sugar) after a prolonged period of no food and is an indicator of diabetes and how severe a problem it may be.
C-reactive Protein test is another indicator of diabetes and a high result can indicate higher risk of heart disease and stroke (both are increased risks in diabetics).
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Papanna 2015-01-20 07:57:22 -0600 Report

I am new to this forum since 20yearsI am T2 Can u pkease about bloid insulin test and c reactive test

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