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I am interested in Quantum Physics along with a lot of other things. Quantum Physics was discovered over 100 years ago. It says that everything is energy and that humans have influence over the sub atomic particles. This is real science! What ever a human puts out to the universe he will have it reflected back to him. Yesterday I posted a discussion about friendship. Since I am somewhat odd, finding a friend that fit my personality has been challenging. After posting that discussion, A lady came to my shop to purchase my diabetic shake mix. She fit me perfectly and we agreed to be friends. Today, a day later, a lady from my rural neighborhood came to my diabetic/weight loss class, she suggested we become friends and I was happy to oblige. Both of my new friends are single as I am. The lady today is a widow as well. Both are younger than I, so I don't have to worry about losing them as I would friends my own age. Quantum Physics works!
By the way if you put out bad vibs to the universe, that is what you will get back too. Be care full what you ask for.

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MarkS 2015-01-20 09:16:39 -0600 Report

Hi RosalieM, You do realize that quantum physics, or quantum mechanics is the study of matter and energy at the subatomic level. It is a fundamental theory of matter and energy that explains that energy is absorbed and released in small, discrete quantities (quanta), and that all matter displays both wave-like and particle-like properties, especially when viewed at atomic and subatomic scales. Quantum mechanics suggests that the behavior of matter and energy is inherently probabilistic and that the effect of the observer on the physical system being observed must be understood as a part of that system. It has no interpretation or mathematical model of human influence over subatomic particles. I think that you and science are not quite on the same page. Please don't bastardize quantum mechanics/physics to describe friendships,

jayabee52 2015-01-21 12:45:24 -0600 Report

Mark, I kinda agree with you but didn't know how to put it nicely enough to say something. You did so in a nicer way than I could have.

MarkS 2015-01-21 12:54:23 -0600 Report

I'm sure you would have done as good if not better than me. I just get frustrated when people talk without information and/or about scientific facts/principles. Wasn't it Sergeant Friday that used to say "Facts Ma'am, just the facts."!

RosalieM 2015-01-20 14:34:18 -0600 Report

I do understand that. Perhaps I have advanced a little into theory. MY theory! Since everything is made up of sub atomic particles and energy as you say correctly, is it not true that you and I are also made of the same energy and particles? What does that portend for us once we understand how to make the best use of it. Instant communication over huge areas is a part of Quantum physics, however the scientists have yet to figure how to use it to our advantage. They will one day in the not to distant future. In the meantime I can come up with theories, test them out. How much fun is that. I should be able to read your mind too. I haven't figured out how to do it yet, but who knows one day it may be a common thing to do.. Be careful what you think! Speaking of mathematics. I can barely add two and two, but I have my imagination. Beam me up Scotty, that should be possible too when we understand how to do it.

MarkS 2015-01-21 08:12:06 -0600 Report

I like your imagination. I really believe that's what keeps us young. However, I'm still waiting for that electric car that drives itself over roads that are wired - read about it back in 1967 in a Popular Science magazine. And they said it would be within ten years - that was almost 50 years ago!

RosalieM 2015-01-21 10:39:30 -0600 Report

Here is a prediction from my imagination. The cell phone will become obsolete in my lifetime. I am 76 years old, so hold on to your cell phone as you don't want to throw away a new one. Instant communication is coming.

RosalieM 2015-01-21 15:59:10 -0600 Report

I can be a little lose with the facts. Scientists are fuddy duddies. If they had a little more imagination like Albert Einstein, they would produce scientific facts more quickly.
My brother is that way, he says if I can't see it, touch it, measure it and feel it is not real. He doesn't believe quantum physics is real either. But it is and he can do none of those things with it.

MarkS 2015-01-22 09:28:29 -0600 Report

Be careful what you say about scientists; I happen to be a molecular biochemist. And if it wasn't for our imaginations there would be rDNA human insulin available today along with a host of other life-saving drugs and biologics.

RosalieM 2015-01-22 13:55:13 -0600 Report

Wow that is impressive, I am jealous. I am a frustrated uneducated scientist. When I was young, women couldn't do those sorts of careers.
Like I told my brother, we need a theory to test. If it proves wrong, that taught us something. We know what didn't work and we can eliminate that and we try again. Sometimes we can get to facts by the process of elimination. I used to feel bad that I didn't get the education I wanted, however now I think it is good. Education puts your mind in a box of sorts by what you are taught. I have no education and no box! It is a good thing.

tabby9146 2015-01-18 18:10:09 -0600 Report

that is great! it's always such a great feeling to have new friends, especially those in person that live near you.

suecsdy 2015-01-17 17:58:19 -0600 Report

I have never been strong in the science dept., But I have always been able to get along with people. Maybe it's the same kind of energy. You catch more flies with honey than with vinegar. I could some new friends myself. Once I am past this surgery, it would be nice to start a crochet club again. I did it some years ago and enjoyed it immensely. So many plans on hold right now, but I'm going to catch up, promise!

RebDee 2015-01-18 09:32:21 -0600 Report

Wish you lived closer. I would join your crochet club if you would teach me. I am a knitter.

Jim1954 2015-01-18 11:47:15 -0600 Report

You can learn to do almost anything on Youtube. But also our local community college has these types of classes some times and a good way to meet people.

RosalieM 2015-01-18 09:12:05 -0600 Report

One of the difficulties I had in making a real friend as opposed to a superficial friend, was If I determined that the person needed the "honey" approach, they were not a candidate to be my real friend. I need to just be myself. I try not to offend, but refuse to artificially suck up top someone so they will like me. I accept people worts and all. I can deal with peoples worts as I have my own worts as well. What I won't deal with in a friendship
is when the person is fake, puts on a front, doesn't keep their word gossips and is petty. The two ladies I met are real. I get along real well with people, I just don't develop a close relationship with them. They are
people I know and relate to when I come in contact with them. I have more
of them than I can keep track of.

tabby9146 2015-01-18 18:13:21 -0600 Report

I have always hated gossip even as a teenager, so I was pretty rare in school and still that way today and will avoid all of those in person that are known to be big gossips around town. I don't get close to many people. I have many online friendships but I have many friendships here in my town with mostly people I have known all or most of my life. I sometimes make new in person friends and I just have criteria that has to be met, and it takes a long time for me to trust people, but I am very loyal and I have always gotten along with most everyone. can't stand people who are fake.

RebDee 2015-01-17 17:23:46 -0600 Report

Is there anyone out there on Diabetic Connect that lives near where I live in Chatsworth, California? I too want to try the Quantum Physics idea.

RosalieM 2015-01-18 09:25:52 -0600 Report

You don't need anyone there where you live. You can learn all you want
on the web and from books. I recommend a book titled E squared. That is Einsteins formula. The author is Pam Grout. The book is hilarious. She gives you 9 experiments to try. It is a easy introduction to the subject. There are many books out there. I read quite a few and some are better than others. Just Google Amazon and Pam Grout and get the book. If you have a Kindle it is only $2.99.

RebDee 2015-01-18 09:37:08 -0600 Report

Of course I have a Kindle. It is one of my most prized possessions as I need the big print to read but can't carry those heavy large print books. So I'm off to find Pam Grout's book, E Squared.
However, I do want friends that I can see, touch, shake hands with, hug if my emotions call for it and even go to lunch with or make lunch for.

RosalieM 2015-01-18 09:54:27 -0600 Report

Wish I were there, it would be fun. The number of folks who are interested in this subject are scarce.

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