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For a while now I have been searching for some sort of exercise that I could do indoors when it gets either too hot or cold outside or if it rains (not that it rains much in the desert!). I like to go to the pool for water aerobics but living in an apartment complex it sometimes makes it hard when there are a bunch of kids in the pool.

What I am looking for is something that would be fun. I don't want the exercise to be boring or feel like a drudgery. I am also looking for something that will not impact my joints or be too rough on me since I am very VERY overweight. I know this is asking alot.

So with all this in mind I start searching the web and I came upon rebounding. What I am wondering is if anyone here does it or has any thoughts on it. I am considering going to Walmart or a Sports store and purchasing a mini trampoline to try this out but before I do I would greatly appreciate any feedback.



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GabbyPA 2009-06-14 14:21:12 -0500 Report

I did some hunting and found some trampolines with hold on rails, the least expensive was about $50 so I will put it on my Christmas list. LOL. There are less expensive ones that don't have the handles to hold on to, but I know myself and I would bounce right off! LOL

lipsie 2009-06-13 23:43:15 -0500 Report

This is new to me as well, sounds interesting…but I have bad knees so I doubt I would do this. Though Ty is looking for things, he does have a bad knee too but does not weight as much as me and can handle more. Joceyln, it does not matter on the weight? I am VERY large too so was curious. Gabby, that's a great way of exercising, I think I will try that myself. Thanks for the idea. Good luck to you…rebounding sounds fun, put some music on, etc. Let us know how it works out! Sheila

GabbyPA 2009-06-12 12:37:52 -0500 Report

Cool, I have never heard of this. In FL it gets so hot and now that I have learned I need to exercise after my meals, I exercise after dinner. I do interval exercise which is walking or marching in place at a slow or comfortable pace and then I do spurts of jogging. I use Charlie Gibson on the evening news as my walking and the commercials as my jogging. It is kind of fun, but the trampoline sounds really neat. I have cathedral ceilings, so I can feel free to jump. You will have to tell me where you got your trampoline and how much it was. I might be joining you to break up my routine.

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