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Amy Tenderich
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A lot of people are upset over comments made today by rock star Bret Michaels (Type 1 diabetic) — who claims that he lets his blood sugar go sky-high so that he can perform better in bed:

But in fact, high blood sugar is a major cause of erectile dysfunction in diabetic men, so this is really irresponsible misinformation!

Here's one blogger's response to Bret's grandstanding:

Thoughts? Comments?

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Type1Lou 2012-03-19 08:35:43 -0500 Report

Sounds to me like he's rationalizing his unhealthy behavior and needs the ego-boost! Unfortunately, his celebrity status may reinforce this misinformation. (BTW, who is Bret Michaels???) I guess I'm just an old fogey!

Sidehack 2011-03-24 16:25:06 -0500 Report

High blood sugar doesn't do a thing for atrophy. My doctor won't give me viagra because of my BP meds. He signed me up for an education class on the penis pump, which I'm not too crazy about. Is there any other medication he can recommend? Would injections be a safe alternative?

Anonymous 2010-08-25 21:42:47 -0500 Report

Interesting topic, one that I've thought about for a long time. I've had ED for twelve years. At first don't know if it is the BP pills, or the depression meds that caused this, finally learned that it was diabetes. Or combination of all three. First few years brought it up with Doc and he pretended not to hear my questions. Years passed and got a new Doc and the first time I saw him he asked if I had the problem. By this time I have to admit that I was use to the situation and told him I'd let him know. That was three years ago. Actually I'm finding it refreshing to be able to be free of the situation. My relationship with my wife is more then just sex, God bless her! Holding hands means more now then it did before. I miss the closeness, but there is more to life and relationships then sex.

MAYS 2010-08-25 20:57:27 -0500 Report

A person educated in the complications associated with diabetes, knows that this is harmful, and highly unlikely, unless he has some other means of maintaining an erection such as a penile implant, or penile rings, his tool will not function properly, if at all.

How did I know that …


RAYT721 2010-08-25 20:45:24 -0500 Report

Maybe he's just trying to take the press away from Lindsey Lohan and Britney Spears by saying stupid things publically? The article makes no sense from a physical, emotional or sexual standpoint. I think the keyword is "Bret's grandstanding."

lipsie 2009-06-24 07:35:12 -0500 Report


If anything I respect you for writing what you did. No need to apologize for you was definitely not being perverted…speaking of the truth. Something else you will find with us here at DB is that you may have a totally off topic situation too, and need guidance or support and we are here for you!! That's what I love about this place…its one circle of friends and family…welcome to it!! *HugS* Sheila

Diabeticwonderchild 2009-07-03 08:44:24 -0500 Report

Well, i can see where he was coming from, i mean theres no possible way i am going to have sex with low blood sugar, rather mine be a little high so it sorta cancles eachother out

jbryanw56 2009-06-23 16:48:30 -0500 Report

I only know for me personally that I am untreated diabetes because I have no money and no insurance. I try to keep my sugar the best I can but there is no way that shooting your sugar way up can cause a man to perform better. I cannot even get or sustain any type of erection right now.
I am not saying this to be a pervert or anything else and not trying to offend anyone but I do not have anyone to talk to and I saw this post and just had to respond. I hope you do not kick me off but very frustrated at the moment and I just know what he said is a lie. Again my apologies.

Judimar 2009-06-23 17:03:59 -0500 Report

Welcome to DC!

I personally do not feel you have anything to apologize for. You don't sound like a pervert and your post was very respectful.

Charish 2009-06-24 00:10:48 -0500 Report

Hi Bryan,

There is no reason to feel that you have to extend and apology for a natural reaction and being honest of what's happening to you personally. I feel that you are in good standing of not offending anyone because we have the freedom of expression here, and NO YOU ARE NOT A PERVERT okay.

Welcome to the family and there are a lot of caring people here who understand and want to help if they can. But at least you are honest enough to say what you have said and that's where getting the help and advice starts. Take care of yourself okay.

Hugs and Kisses


Ani 2009-06-18 17:13:09 -0500 Report

Thank you for creating this site I realy do learn something new everytime I log on.

Charish 2009-06-18 11:08:32 -0500 Report

Bret Micheals should be careful of the risk he's taking with his life and the lives of others, because as history has shown there are those who follow these celebs so closely that they copy their life styles and what they do. It is clear that this person is not aware of the risks that he is taking and being misinformed about ED and the effects that disbetes has on him and his overall health is even worse.

I know several people that are going through this and it is a painful subject for them. And just knowing that someone like this person is taking it as what seems like a joke is beyond my understanding. Those that I know who is experiencing it only wish for and desire to have that part of their lives to be back to normal. How dare this person go and take something so serious and make mockery of it.

I hope and pray that no one takes him serious and try this for themselves, it would be a disaster waiting to happen.

kdroberts 2009-06-18 10:59:38 -0500 Report

Kind of sad really because for a general role model for young T1's (other than the stupid TV show and some questionable 'rock lifestlye' choices). He takes great care of his diabetes, doesn't have a perfect A1c but what I've read it's round the 7% mark which is far from bad and he generally has the right idea about nutrition, exercise, management techniques and the physical and mental difficulties that come along with having diabetes.

I think that if you are sitting in front of a newly diagnosed kid or a parent of a newly diagnosed kid who thinks their life is over, giving an example of somebody who was diagnosed with T1 at 6 and has gone on to be one of the most successful rock musicians ever is not a bad thing and may offer some comfort. This kind of taints it a bit.

sharon brown 63
sharon brown 63 2009-06-18 06:28:25 -0500 Report

I cannot believe that someone could be so irresponsible with their own health issues. I just want to know how does the diabetes effect a woman's drive and performance?

Lanore 2009-06-20 15:30:25 -0500 Report

In answer to Sharon Brown 63…

I have been T2 for over 20 yrs and have never had a problem with either.

Lisa Ann
Lisa Ann 2009-06-23 08:34:54 -0500 Report

I'm 42 have had diabeties for almost a year and I have no problem with my sex drive. If anything it has increased. My only problem is finding time. I work 1st shift and my husband works 2nd, so of course I'm sleeping by the time he comes home.

romintek 2009-06-20 20:08:48 -0500 Report

Maybe I am the only one but I have been a diabetic for almost 40 years (and I'm only in my mid 40's now) and I have no sex drive. I have a wonderful husband who is a wonderful lover but I still have almost no sex drive. Its been that way for years. I never thought to speak to my endo about it or for that matter any other doctor. I think men are more open about that topic with their doctors than women but I might be wrong on that one. I have for the last couple of years wondered if my diabetes had anything to do with it. So I would love to hear more on the subject from other women.

NormaJean 2009-06-20 20:16:31 -0500 Report

Hi Romintek I have always been a romantic person,loved sex but it seems since i was dx that I don't have the sex drive anymore I usually don't talk about it but since you did maybe there are other women on dc who might be experiencing this too and maybe there might be a reason for this.I will be forty six this year .

Auberginecow 2009-06-23 09:15:46 -0500 Report

Add me to the list too, alas…46 and Type II for 9 years, sex drive gone since practically the beginning. Add to that neuropathy in both my nipples & my clitoris, and you have my recipe for no sex life!

Dragynl8y 2009-06-17 09:28:47 -0500 Report

Mr. Michaels is 'flirting with disaster', and his attitude towards his diabetes leaves a lot to be desired. If everyone thought that way, there'd be a lot fewer diabetic people around, because they'd already be 6-feet under. To add something to the mix, however, I am a upper 50's woman whose sex life is nil, and I'm not the least bit upset by it. I am a single/divorced woman, with absolutely NO sex life, but I don't really care because of the all the diseases that can be 'caught' with any indiscriminate sexual partners, so I'll just stay with my Type 2 Diabetes, and let the rest of the population do what they want and take care of themselves. I have enough to deal with than that. Oh yeah, When Mr. Brett Michaels finally does grow up, it might be pertinent to keep his mouth shut, instead of opening it and showing everyone just how much of a blowhard idiot he really is!

lipsie 2009-06-14 00:57:28 -0500 Report

This gave me tears, cuz if someone reads this and does not know better, they could die!! It's scary to me! I dunno reporters, Bret, whomever SOMEONE needs to clarify this and make sure we don't loose some loved ones over this @#@$!!!! I am just absolutely sickened by this…someone needs to fix this one up and even doing that it's still out there and could be TOO late! Ulgh!! Love everyone here… *Hugs* Just !@#$!# Sheila

Sarguillo 2009-06-12 11:21:41 -0500 Report

Too low, you are out of it so you cant perform, too high and you cant sustain. Unless hes trying to say he allows his numbers to go up just alittle so that with some exersize, they will then come back down and not take him too low.
But I dont think that is what he was trying to say.

dj7110 2009-06-12 10:23:47 -0500 Report

this is very inaccurate. the best sex has only been when my bs numbers have been close to the norm. from my own experiances sex is never a possability when my numbers run off track.

GabbyPA 2009-06-12 08:40:49 -0500 Report

This just goes to show that even people who struggle with this disease don't always understand what they are up against.

Now, I did just learn that before exercising we need to make sure we have levels that are high enough to prevent a low. And if we tend to drop, say 30-50 points after exercise, we need to make sure we are high enough to deal with that. If his goal is low 200's, he must be pretty studly....if you know what I mean.

HOWEVER, if that is what he meant to say and just didn't get it out in a clear way (reporters usually are pretty lame if you ask me from personal experience) then there is some confusion here that needs to be cleared up. I am sure there is a little of both where this article is concerned. It certainly was not long enough to make anything clear but that it was a stupid question to ask for a public forum like an online rag.

2009-06-11 20:40:09 -0500 Report

Anyone who lets their blood sugars go sky high just so they can have what they call "good" sex, is nuts!!! I'm all for sex, but it's not worth dying for!!!

NormaJean 2009-06-14 21:01:49 -0500 Report

I think the KID is sick,this is false information and please don't try this at home anyone…you might end up somewhere you don't want to be…We're all for sex,but not for letting your blood sugars go sky high…it's not worth risking your life for…
You can have lots of fun without a high blood sugar level.
Bret needs to zip his lip before he ends up with erectile dysfunction…ha ha ha…

2009-06-11 20:08:33 -0500 Report

Loved the responses that article by Kerri got!!!

Brett Michaels is a washed up rock star, who just needs to put the can of hair spray down, and give up trying to find a woman!

grandma4 2009-06-11 16:53:34 -0500 Report

i dont understand how someone who is a person that kids look up too take what they say as the right of it can make a statement that can harm so many.. it will only hurt or kill someone. he should be held accoutable for that statement.. my husband has not been able to have sex for 3 years.. and we have found other ways to enjoy and love each other.. we dont need the sex part we would rather be health.

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