Weight loss and helping spouse with diabetes.

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My husband has diabetes and is over weight. I need help with recipes that will help with this diabetes and weight loss. I have some idea of what to cook but need recipes to make cooking more tasty and enjoyable for him to eat. We like carbs, so recipes that are low carbs would be great. I really want to help my husband with eating the right foods. What can I do?

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lilleyheidi 2015-01-16 01:21:29 -0600 Report

The other suggestion I have … other than what the two below have made, which are excellent… is ask your doctor for a recommendation to a dietician, they can really help with setting up some recipes and taking some of your favorite recipes and changing them a bit to make them more carb friendly. One of the things I've done, cause I'm definitely a pasta lover (or i thought i was, turns out i love the sauces more than the pasta), I use spaghetti squash or other veggies to pour my sauces over them. Way lower in carbs.. Best of health to you and hubby. Heidi

Type1Lou 2015-01-15 12:44:30 -0600 Report

My advice would be for you to track how many carbs your husband is actually currently eating per day. Once you know that, you can gradually reduce the carb content he eats per day and he should see good results, both in weight loss and in blood glucose control. For me, carb awareness and reduction has been the key. There is no one right level for everyone since it depends on activity level, age, gender and body size/metabolism. As JibberJabber stated below, go to the recipe section here for some suggestions. Also, you can input the ingredients from your own recipes on www.recipenutrition.com and once you input the ingredients, directions and number of servings it makes, it will give you the nutritional values per serving. I've found it to be a valuable tool.

Jibber Jabber
Jibber Jabber 2015-01-15 10:04:27 -0600 Report

As I don't know how many carbs you/your hubby are allowing in your diet I am hesitant to offer any recipes..BUT there is a section on this site that offers them..as well as on the ADA site…it is a place to start and you can pick and chose the recipes that have the levels of carbs you are most comfortable at..

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