Missed insulin injection

By BreC Latest Reply 2015-01-14 07:10:15 -0600
Started 2015-01-13 13:56:05 -0600

I had to go out for a while today and forgot to carry my insulin with me. I got back home and was here for at least an hour before I remembered that I did not do my lunch time injection. I am torn about if I should go ahead and take it or just wait, check my BS before dinner and take my regular dose then. What would you do.

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GabbyPA 2015-01-14 07:10:15 -0600 Report

Type 2 has a little more leeway in this kind of situation. Type 1 not so much. As a type 2 I would monitor my levels and see what is going on, maybe eat a little lower carb for dinner and get back on schedule.

It also depends on if it's fast acting for that meal only or for a longer duration. I am on long lasting so I take mine every 12 hours, but sometimes it's not quite that accurate.

Michael_1960 2015-01-13 19:39:48 -0600 Report

Don't fret over it, I use to miss mine all the time and I finally winged myself off of it completely, just check your b/s level just in case and pick back up on it on your next schedule.

BreC 2015-01-13 16:26:56 -0600 Report

Maybe my oops will help someone else down the line who would have the same question. I usually carry my pens with me every where I go, just left in a hurry this morning. Note to self… don't forget your insulin.. LOL

Type1Lou 2015-01-13 15:59:47 -0600 Report

A BG of 136 an hour or two after eating is within range, so I would wait until your next meal to take another bolus (meal-time) insulin. Also, your low-carb meal certainly helped. You might wish to ask your doctor about a carb to insulin ratio so you can calculate your meal dose based on the number of carbs your are eating rather than just use a 9 unit dose all the time, (unless your meals all have the same carb value.)

BreC 2015-01-13 16:30:19 -0600 Report

I have learned to adjust my intake with whatever I am or going to eat and what my BS level is. Each day is a new experience and teachable/learnable.

Type1Lou 2015-01-13 17:15:19 -0600 Report

I find that even after 38 years as a diabetic, I am still learning! I forgot to bolus at dinner last night (my pre-dinner BG was 85) and I caught it when I tested 2 hours after eating and my BG was 272! I immediately gave myself my bolus but it seems to take forever to get it back in range. Never stop learning!

Kats49 2015-01-13 15:37:37 -0600 Report

I would have taken it and noted the reason why.I keep one insulin pen in my purse and the rest at home. That way I have access to it Always Unlike the vials that need to be refrigerated…the pens need none I am however undedr the loving care of and endocrinologist who had me make a what if qusiton when I first met her…then she answered

wraithmb 2015-01-13 15:35:07 -0600 Report

What type of insulin are you on? I'm on Humalog (similar to novorapid) and lantus. If I miss the lantus dose its a little more complicated, but the Humalog gets missed and I'm more than an hour before I remember, I test and take it as a correction for a high blood sugar.

I'm assuming you are a t1 also?

sweetjoy 2015-01-13 15:23:41 -0600 Report

What was your blood sugar when you remembered?

BreC 2015-01-13 15:38:08 -0600 Report

It was 136. I had baked chicken, green beans, and a small salad at the restaurant for lunch. Maybe my food choices helped it to not so too high.

sweetjoy 2015-01-13 15:43:42 -0600 Report

in that case, i think it safe to wait for the next dose. however, i'm on lantus at night only so i don't have experience with your type of insulin. glad things are ok.

RosalieM 2015-01-13 14:32:06 -0600 Report

I would just not eat any carbs so it doesn't go any higher than necessary and let it go. If possible you could do some exercise or go for a walk, even drinking a couple glasses of water helps. You won't suffer with your blood sugar being high one time. You will endanger yourself if you go to low. I don't know what kind of insulin you take but I forgot to take my once a day insulin the other day too so I didn't eat any carbs until I got on my regular dose again. I was fine.

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