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Hi all..!!!!
My doctor suggested adding a second oral med to my protocol at my last visit and I of corse balked because I saw no need for it at the time…and still see no need for it…However I am having my first AC1 done in a few days the event that it is higher than I expect it to be, which is possible…I do NOT want to be at the mercy of my doctor…Doctors have their own reasons for prescribing the meds that they do…What I would like to know is what is the safest med ( other than Metformin) to add to my protocol if the need arises…I do not want to be written a script for something with crazy side affects OR something that will help my glucose levels short term, but end up hurting me in the long run by halting my weight loss…

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rhett t
rhett t 2015-01-17 07:49:51 -0600 Report

I was on glipizide, metformin, and janumet, but now that I'm doing the bydureon pen I'm now just on metformin.. Have been using the pen alittle over a month and have lost 10 lbs!. I have a lot of energy now so always up and doing something and watching what I eat. I have a protein drink or a bar mid afternoon and that's really helping also. I have found that if I feel like sugar is changing I get me some protein after checking sugar. Good luck to you.

lorider70 2015-01-16 12:50:09 -0600 Report

As a type II since 1989 I have always been on oral meds only. Started out at 216lbs, BS was thru the roof. 1800 cal a day diet and an oral med I don't remember the name of and , now in 2015 I am a somewhat scrawny 135lbs. Last A1C 6.1. Current meds are Glimeperide, Lisinopril, Metoprolol, Loprexa, and Tramadol. Complications were the main reason I was diagnosed in 1989 and have gotten progressivly worse over the years. Neuropathy, plantar's fasciatis, high blood pressure, double vision, constant leg and foot pain and numb toes. Use a cane to get around these days. I was told early on that some complications might abate; and some have, but NOT the neuropathy, I question all new meds and the latest addition(loprexa) is supposed to be for maintaining adequate seratonin levels and preventing anxiety, but so far, after three weeks with it I do NOT notice any change in how I feel. The doctor says he is satisfied with my numbers , weight, etc. I am not. I would like to gain 15 lbs or so and possibly regain some strength. Not likely to happen though. At 72 yrs of age, I am not likely to start visiting multiple doctors trying to find one that will provide me with the "magic" bullet. Instead, I will continue to learn to live with it; which is the only aadvice I;ve gotten that has proved to be true.

suecsdy 2015-01-15 14:06:07 -0600 Report

Good luck when you see your endo. Hope you like him/her. I was assigned to my pcp after my surgery and after the first appt, I wanted to slap her. Lol. But I didn't run and now it's better. I disagree with her over my blood pressure meds(I really don't see the need for 2), but she has the education and I trust she knows what she is doing. I still question her and she always takes as much time as I need to get my questions answered. So I guess what I am saying is I'm glad she is in my life and helping me on this journey. I hope you find someone you feel you can trust and I bet your a1c will be just great.

kimfing 2015-01-14 10:33:20 -0600 Report

That is a smart choice. Don't take if u don't need. My Dr suggested a med that i heard causes pancreatic cancer in some people. Not taking that chance. Told her absolutely not, she said ok

GabbyPA 2015-01-14 10:11:15 -0600 Report

What drug was he considering putting you on? That might help us help you better. I feel like I take them all....but when I don't I can't even come close to any kind of control. So right now, I take what is prescribed.

I had this same issue when I was first diagnosed and had not found my voice yet in dealing with doctors. I asked about Lisinopril and "why". I was told "because all diabetics take it". I kept asking "why" and they just got annoyed and I just cried. I was so upset. Now I have learned how to negotiate with my doctor so we both can be happy with the goals of the negotiation. It gives me more say in my treatment and if I end up wrong, I do what he wants.

sweetjoy 2015-01-17 10:53:08 -0600 Report

did dr ever tell you why on Lisinopril? mine FINALLY told me it's because it protects the kidneys.. i say drs should treat us as adults and tell us why. maybe the dr didn't even know?? only knew that 'diabetics take it'??

GabbyPA 2015-01-18 20:57:58 -0600 Report

I did some research and found that out. I was okay to take it then, but they would not tell me in the office.

Jibber Jabber
Jibber Jabber 2015-01-14 10:25:59 -0600 Report

I am sorry you had that bad experience with your doctor…a good understanding doctor is truly a gift…when dealing with a person newly diagnosed with ANYTHING..doctors need to understand that we need answers…NOT just people barking medical orders at us…

sweetslover 2015-01-14 13:38:26 -0600 Report

So, true. I am one that has to know why, the cause, the expected outcome, the procedure, etc.
My mind just does not accept—because I said so. Educate me, or I will attempt to educate myself.

GabbyPA 2015-01-14 10:29:45 -0600 Report

So true. The thing was I had been self diagnosed for about 9 months before I even got in to see a doctor. I had learned so much from everyone here, I felt I had kind of already dealt with my diagnosis emotionally, until I had my first appointment. That was the first time I had cried about my diagnosis. She made me feel like crap.

MaryYouBetcha 2015-01-15 13:18:33 -0600 Report

Making you feel like crap is so horrible. I don't know if you cried because of that or your diagnosis. If you cried because of your diagnosis, I want you to know that I was diagnosed well over 10 years ago and I still cry sometimes. I'm also still extremely angry sometimes and in denial sometimes. It's so hard to keep going but we all do it somehow. I really appreciate having found this group!

GabbyPA 2015-01-15 13:39:05 -0600 Report

I cried because of how she treated me, but I do suppose there was that final "yes, you REALLY do have diabetes" in the back of my mind.

We are glad you are here and hope that you feel the support from the members here. So many of us just love it here.

Jibber Jabber
Jibber Jabber 2015-01-14 10:19:51 -0600 Report

Oh well that was my pcp…we didn't even get THAT far..I shut him down immediately when he mentioned it…he suggested adding a med after I told him my numbers are GREAT!!!…when he based adding a med on my current numbers and NOTHING else I kind of knew it was time to go..I see my endo at the LSU diabetes clinic on Friday…he is also giving me my FIRST A1c…and I am a newbie to diabetes, but even I know that some people can be surprised by their A1Cs…our testing only gives us little windows…and me..being an information hound…need to research other meds..just in case my endo DOES see the need to add a med at any point…

GabbyPA 2015-01-14 10:24:46 -0600 Report

Glipizide really helped me a lot. More than metformin. I also use long lasting insulin and that was when I actually had a few lows. Not fun, but I never thought I would get lower numbers. For me, it's a whole combination of things. I hate it, but even at 70-80 carbs a day, I am still hanging out in the 180 range. I just keep on working at it.

lilleyheidi 2015-01-13 23:40:40 -0600 Report

Hi Jibber Jabber. As you know already there are tons of meds out there for diabetes. And you already know to talk to your doc to make that decision, so not gonna tell you all that stuff. I took Metformin and had horrible results with it, and was taken off from it. I'm now on a combo of long acting insulin, Levimere, and Glipizide. Fairly low dosages of each. Both have the effect of holding back weight loss, however, if you work hard enough, and keep back the carbs you will lose weight. I have continued each week, except two weeks to have a weight loss. My blood glucose has been under tight control, with some lows (and when I've had lows I've called my endo, spoken to the nurse, told her and had the meds lowered). I've had no other side effects at all. For me this has been a great combination. Talk long and serious with your doctor. Best of health. Heidi

MaryYouBetcha 2015-01-13 14:55:02 -0600 Report

I have taken many diabetes drugs and I'm sure you know by looking at this site that they all have side effects. For instance, it appears you are comfortable with Metformin and it worked really good for my BG but I had debilitating diarrhea for two years no matter which version I took. So, it definitely wasn't for me.
The only other med I've had problems with is Actos. Unlike haoleboy, I ended up with severe fluid retention in my lungs (about 2-3 #'s of fluid).
The two examples above show that what may be the safest med possible for one may not work for others. So unfortunately, I can't recommend a "safe" med but I can tell you about my (and only my) negative side effects so you are aware of what may (and only may) come your way. NOTE: Both Metformin and Actos are excellent medications. I am not at all saying they are unsafe or cause crazy side effects. For many many people both are safe and effective.

haoleboy 2015-01-13 12:31:14 -0600 Report

It seems to me if you have this level of distrust in your doctor you need to find a new one immediately.


Jibber Jabber
Jibber Jabber 2015-01-13 12:48:28 -0600 Report

I just wanted to know safety records…smile

haoleboy 2015-01-13 14:02:34 -0600 Report

Are you aware that you first post was "anonymous"? As such no one has any clue as to your "history" which would greatly influence peoples responses …smile

when first diagnosed I was on Actos for the first year … no issues and my A1c was well controlled right away … YMMV


Jibber Jabber
Jibber Jabber 2015-01-13 15:09:36 -0600 Report

I know..I just realized this..ha ha…I have no idea how Iet that happen..I have no need to post under Anonymous…I am an open book…a sometimes racey, always interesting..slightly warped…open book…hahahaha…

Jibber Jabber
Jibber Jabber 2015-01-13 12:45:37 -0600 Report

I haven't met my endo yet..I will be meeting him for the first time at this appointment…I may like him..I may not like him…but I like to be prepared for everything..

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2015-01-13 12:14:00 -0600 Report

No one knows what your protocol is. Your doctor does. You should be having this discussion with your doctor, research the medications and then talk with the doctor an discuss the pros and cons and then make a decision if you want to take the medication. We are not doctors and medical advice such as this should not be given. I certainly would not take medical advice about medications from people who are not doctors or have your medical/medication history. Each diabetic can be different and medications can also react differently for each person. Please have this discussion with your doctor.

GabbyPA 2015-01-14 10:18:16 -0600 Report

No, we are not doctors, but we take the meds personally. What affects my body is my story to share. Nothing replaces good research, and good research asks all the venues, not just one. It is a very valid question to ask, specially given how these meds tend to work so differently in each of us.

There are plenty of places to find the "official" use or side effects of drugs. Here is where you find out the truth in use about the drugs. Why would you say that my experience with a drug holds less credibility than the advice of a doctor who has never used the drug? Both are important.

MaryYouBetcha 2015-01-13 14:46:47 -0600 Report

Calm down - she didn't say she was going to march blindly to our drummers. She just wanted an opinion. You don't need to police us unless you are in charge of liability for DC.

Jibber Jabber
Jibber Jabber 2015-01-13 12:47:23 -0600 Report

I don't much like you..I should of been discussing this with my doctor..really I haven't met him yet…you are very condescending…I don't like condescending…If you don't have anything positive to add please do not comment on my post…Thank you..this is NOT the first time…

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2015-01-13 13:04:56 -0600 Report

I have now added you to my ignore list. I personally don't care what you think of me. I don't know you at all an don't want to know you. In fact you could be saying this about yourself because you are very good at being condescending. You just try to hide it.