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Jibber Jabber
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Woke up and my lower back is aching..not so bad that I can't do my usual weekend housework..but just enough to remind me I am way closer to 50 than I am to 40…then I sit at the dining room table and see the pill boxes..one for me…and one for my hubby (he takes Lipitor even though I am trying to get him to stop and go low carb with me)…I usually invite the grandkids over when I am feeling like this…playing on the floor with them always makes me feel better..getting older does have it advantages..and grandchildren are one of them…I usually rant to my hubby but he is recovering from hernia surgery..so I guess you have to listen to me today…hee hee..hope everybody has a great day..

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tabby9146 2015-01-12 11:03:02 -0600 Report

I am close to 50 than 40 myself. I am in better shape than I was at 40 for sure. I was not exercising much at 40. I don't have grandchildren yet, my oldest is grown but not married and I have a younger child still at home but I know they are a blessing.

rhett t
rhett t 2015-01-11 17:14:21 -0600 Report

hey jibber jabber, I felt like that when I was forty. I feel better now that I'm 58 and have sugar and fibro where I can handle it. So keep that in mind it will be better. take care

valentine lady
valentine lady 2015-01-11 10:12:44 -0600 Report

Hi jib jab,
just wanted to say that you are letting your mind and young body get
the best of you. I made up my mind a long time Ago that I was as young as I want to feel. Today I do. I have problems with my body but I just don't let it get in the way. May I suggest the same. Keep working on your Husband, it's a worthwhile venture. Hugs, VL

lilleyheidi 2015-01-11 00:20:56 -0600 Report

I'm 55, and I feel very old. I used to be able to do so much, and my body just does not allow me to do those things anymore. It's the fibromyalgia and arthritis that cause this. But, old isn't all bad. I don't mind being old. I still have goals and plans. I fell, face first, a week or so before Christmas and a little while after that I started getting back pain, I didn't put two and two together until this week when I went in for Xrays. The pain just is getting worse and worse. Hopefully it is nothing serious, I'll know more after the doctor looks at the Xray results next week. Hope you feel better, and rant away. HUGS, Heidi

debcox 2015-01-10 15:05:23 -0600 Report

I felt like that once for a few hours about a month before I turned 50. I called in sick to work and it took me about an hour to feel better. After that, I vowed to never let my age be a detriment again and it hasn't. I feel better now at 59 than I did at 50.

When my body aches, I work through it (except if I am actually hurt or sick). When I had an accident while hiking, I remember asking the ER doctor if I could ride my bike the next day. He said that I could if I took it easy. I changed the dressing on my leg the next morning and rode only 11 miles instead of my usual 18.

As for the pill containers, I use one right now due to the medications for diabetes, blood pressure and heartburn but my goal is to be off all meds by the end of June 2015. The only thing I plan to take then is my thyroid medication and a vitamin.

I'm sure that you will feel better soon.

tabby9146 2015-01-12 11:04:40 -0600 Report

I hope you can meet those goals, you are very determined so I bet you will. I am the same way, if I ever get injured, I wll be asking when I can exercise again. When I got my gallbladder out last year, that was one of the questions and the doctor said very few ever ask that!

Jibber Jabber
Jibber Jabber 2015-01-10 18:35:19 -0600 Report

I love hearing that people have a goal to get off meds..it is the BEST motivation for staying on tract with ones diet and exercise..if I ever feel like NOT exercising..or cheating on my diet..(Like today when a friend paid us a visit, who didn't know I was diabetic and brought a freaking GERMAN CHOCOLATECAKE!!!!!)…I just remember I have a solid attainable goal…and it keeps me going…goals are important!!!

debcox 2015-01-10 20:49:04 -0600 Report

Yes, but you can have a treat once in awhile. I know that if I have done my workout in the morning and either hiked, walked or rode my bike, I can have a small dessert after dinner but not every night.

Knowing that I have a goal really helps me when temptation gets too bad. I tell myself that I can have the dessert or munchie but that means one more day/week/month on insulin and which do I want more.

I'm not much for German chocolate cake but I have a difficult time with cheesecake. I know my limits so I try not to have stuff in the house or make it. I love the Jello Brand cheesecake mix but if I make it, I make sure that my family all knows so that they are here to help me eat it. Today, I bought a package of 50 cookies for church tomorrow. I will take them there and have one between Sunday school and Service.

Jibber Jabber
Jibber Jabber 2015-01-11 10:04:15 -0600 Report

I found a really low carb cheesecake recipe online a few weeks back…only like 10 carbs a slice…and I can't remember where I saw it…I had thought I put it in my favorites…but alas I did not…I only treat myself for special occasions..birthdays..holidays…I need to find that recipe again because it is the lowest carb one I have found online and I wanted to bake a heart shaped cheese cake for Valentines day next month!!!!!!!

Jibber Jabber
Jibber Jabber 2015-01-11 15:05:40 -0600 Report

what a dope I am…I am on the Atkins diet and never even thought to google an atkins cheese cake recipe…well I just did..under 4 grams of carbs per serving…NICE..

GabbyPA 2015-01-10 14:45:41 -0600 Report

I have those days sometimes. Ugh, but for me it's the walk with the dog that gets me going. In the warmer weather it's the garden.

Type1Lou 2015-01-10 12:47:40 -0600 Report

You know you're getting older when you start putting your pills in those cases…and when your mother is who looks back at you in the mirror! In my mind, I'm not 65 but my mirror tells me otherwise! I was also reminded when I got nauseous and blew a blood vessel in my eye after riding one of the extreme roller coasters at Busch Gardens with my stepson and grandkids…I used to LOVE roller coasters! We were going to do all of them but I had to stop after the first ride.

Jibber Jabber
Jibber Jabber 2015-01-10 12:56:30 -0600 Report

Yep..those damned pill boxes…never needed them when I was young…never took any meds except maybe an occasional Tylenol…

RosalieM 2015-01-10 11:58:12 -0600 Report

I haven't seen "50" for 26 and a half years! I have no aches and pains and take only medication to sleep. I had a pain in my neck for years. But it went away.
My spine is a mess not just my neck. Still my back doesn't hurt at all even though I have spinal stenosis.. Being the curious sort I wanted to know why. When you get older you should hurt right! I learned that pain is in the brain.
Not the mind but the brain. What ever part of your body hurts, it is your brain where the pain is registered. A friend of mine has had his foot amputated because of cancer . The foot that is gone still hurts him. So I figured out that if
I could interrupt that pathway to my brain, I won't feel pain. Actually if you have pain for awhile you develop a pain pattern in you brain. Somehow I must have
distracted myself until the pain pattern for my neck was broken. This sounds strange maybe, but it is very interesting to me. I do stay fit. If I didn't all pain bets would be off. Try it. Do something that is really interesting to you for a while and see if you forget the pain. If you do it long enough and my theory is correct, you should be pain free. I have been studying the brain.

Pegsy 2015-01-10 12:28:58 -0600 Report

I learned about pain and the brain when I took LaMaze (spelling?) classes for the birth of my son many years ago. I was amazed to learn what a difference it made to keep my brain occupied with other things during contractions. Yes, the brain is where pain registers.

My aunt died from cancer throughout her body but she never felt pain from it. The reason is because the cancer first affected the areas of her brain that registered pain in the other areas of her body that were affected. It was an amazing thing and such a blessed mercy for her.

Jibber Jabber
Jibber Jabber 2015-01-10 12:08:13 -0600 Report

Lucky for me my back doesn't act up that often…just been unusually cold and damp down in these parts for the last few days…guess it is getting to me..

RosalieM 2015-01-10 12:12:22 -0600 Report

It is below zero here and has been for a week. That could be a pain in the neck. But my neck still doesn't hurt.

Pegsy 2015-01-10 11:51:13 -0600 Report

I never feel old. When I am tired or achy or ill, I am just that, tired or achy or ill. I'm not bent to blame things on age. Not yet anyway. I'm 55. I don't feel 55. No doubt this can change at any moment so I'm just going to count my blessings and "feel young" for as long as possible.

I hope your back gets to feeling better very soon and that your day gets better.

Jibber Jabber
Jibber Jabber 2015-01-10 12:06:01 -0600 Report

Feeling old is not so bad…I didn't mean it to come off that way…just that I remember when I could stay up for days at a time…run in the park with my kids…and I mean RUN..we use to race…and I could always beat them..but old is good in a lot of ways…My kids are grown…I have my cutie pie grand children…I have more time now for me..I could of never gone to college while raising four kids..hell I couldn't even pee in peace…lamo..it just makes me think about everything on my bucket list…I want to die and be buried with an advanced degree…I want to learn how to drive, even though I am terrified to do so…(I went driving for 8 miles down a major road last week and got on the interstate)…my driving instructor says I need to work on my "crazy ass turns"…hee hee..just a lot of things I want to get done…

Pegsy 2015-01-10 12:25:21 -0600 Report

I think it's great to have a bucket list. I've never written one but I have a mental one. Mostly trips I want to take. What tends to make me sad at times is how the world has changed, not so much how my body has changed. Sure, when I was very young I used to be a lot more physically able and active than I am now but I am more able and active now than I was 5 years ago.

As far as staying up for days at a time…wow, I'm impressed! I have never been able to do that. I am an early to bed sort of person. Always have been. On those rare occasions when I needed to pull an all nighter, it was excruciating.

Good luck with the driving lessons! Just think about the freedom and independence being able to drive will bring you. You go girl!!

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