possible trouble at work!

By andy1979 Latest Reply 2015-01-15 06:25:54 -0600
Started 2015-01-07 17:38:14 -0600

just done a very long shift at work today . however sent home early as told an allegation of wrong doing has been made against me. All i know is I've worked extremely hard today and despite doing everything that is asked of me wasn't told what i have been accused of until tomorrow. Totally wracked my brains to think of what i could of said or done in workplace. Either way i feel fearful of what has been said against me. Dont pray too much but feel the need to pray of sorts tonight.

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Freedom wolf
Freedom wolf 2015-01-11 16:55:24 -0600 Report

I take Metforman but it all depends on what works best for you, you can suggest switching and see what happens and keep in close contact with your dr

andy1979 2015-01-10 04:16:01 -0600 Report

latest update is this i am still suspended, work are acting all cloak and dagger with me, cant look at legal action until i know what ive been accused of and as im on a zero hours copntract they can treat me any way possible, hate the sob's for what they have done to me . had to put in claim for social security benefits which i found humiliating. it shows that loyality has never got me anywere.

haoleboy 2015-01-10 11:59:07 -0600 Report

You're in the UK?
Not familiar with British labor laws but I think zero hour contract employees are similar to employees at will … which means they can terminate employment for most any reason. Probably time to look for another job.
(been 20 years since I got out of labor management so I could be way off here)


andy1979 2015-01-15 06:25:54 -0600 Report

you are on right track, would love to look for another job but cant until i know what i am facing, I have emailed the pen pushers dealing with my case but they wont tell me anything of what has been alledged. My nightmare is continuing with no end in sight, cant sleep, dont want to eat, feel as if i have lost control of my life. Have gone over that day in my head and know i didnt hurt anyone or say the wrong thing. but thank you and to others on this site for support. hope if i get through this i can return the favor one day.

Mary15406 2015-01-09 10:21:27 -0600 Report

I am so sorry. Stress is a certain enemy for our numbers. I pray things will get better for you. Please keep us posted

valentine lady
valentine lady 2015-01-08 20:57:17 -0600 Report

Hi Andy,
I'm so sorry this has happened to you. I wish I could find a way
to somehow make this better. I will pray for you. Make sure you keep uus posted. Hugs, VL

andy1979 2015-01-08 16:13:37 -0600 Report

been suspended without pay pending an investigation , still don't know what the allegations are. all i ever wanted to do is work and contribute to society. hate what i am feeling at the minute.

sweetslover 2015-01-08 19:52:16 -0600 Report

Do you have a lawyer, union rep., etc. who can help you out? How can you defend yourself if you do not know what you are being accused of? Hoping and praying for the best for you.

lilleyheidi 2015-01-07 23:29:39 -0600 Report

That doesn't sound so good to me to tell you that and send you home without telling you the what. I'm praying for you. Let us know what is happening please. HUGS, Heidi

sweetslover 2015-01-07 20:31:14 -0600 Report

Telling you that you have been accused of a wrong doing then sending you home without telling you what is just not right. That causes a lot of worry and stress—something none of us need. Praying that everything works out OK for you. Keep us informed.

andy1979 2015-01-08 16:15:41 -0600 Report

thank you i know the stress levels have gone through the roof, i have cried , slept , gone through everything i did yesterday.

RebDee 2015-01-07 17:47:48 -0600 Report

I am sure you did nothing wrong. You said that you worked extremely hard today. Perhaps something that you said because of your tiredness was taken the wrong way by someone. Whatever it was was probably a misunderstanding. I'll say a prayer for you. Let us know what happens.

andy1979 2015-01-08 16:18:49 -0600 Report

i just wish i knew what to do , realised i cant do the job i have always done no more, maybe if things do work out i need to change total direction. cant live off my nerves no more it isnt worth it.

GabbyPA 2015-01-07 17:47:16 -0600 Report

I know it sounds stupid or trite, but all things work for a reason. It might not make sense or even be right....but there is another purpose for it that may make itself evident down the road.

RebDee 2015-01-08 18:12:34 -0600 Report

Before you go off to get a new job, please find out what the cause for your suspension was. You must be told why you were suspended.