Stress & Glucose -- helping my body learn to play nice

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I think we have all experienced the impact of stress, be it a cold, dealing with diabetic complications, finances, family or living through the holidays, on our daily glucose tests. I would like this discussion to be a forum for sharing tips we have found for getting our bodies to play nice.

Growing up the holidays were all about special goodies—carbs, Carbs and more CARBS! Since being diagnosed I am working herd to keep my daily glucose readings below 140 (personal goal below 120) without focusing on what I couldn't eat! As I stated in my last discussion, I have worked to create tasty delights that fit within a healthy meal plan (notice I didn't say DIET—that is a subject for another discussion). Some of the special goodies included: turkey ham with pineapple pinned with whole cloves and glazed with a reduction of the LITE pineapple juice, a splash of agave, cinnamon, cloves, ginger and nutmeg to taste. I baked the roast until heated through and the pineapple was lightly browned. Instead of honeybaked ham, I served my turkey ham. My guest had a fit about how tasty it was. I added two left over slices to homemade split pea soup (.5 lbs of dry peas, 3 small carrots, .5 onion, salt free seasoning) cooked in my crock pot. I have to carefully measure my carbs but was able to enjoy delicious soup and stayed with my glucose goal. For the family that wanted the yams with marshmallow, I sliced orange and put it on top of the yams with gingerbread marshmallow on top. I just lifted off the orange and enjoyed my serving of yams.

Lets talk about exercise. I have never been one to enjoy exercise, other that my work outs in the pool. However, before Thanksgiving, I made a vow that no matter what I HAD to do something everyday. Over Thanksgiving, while visiting my daughter, I finally hit the point where I missed exercising the one day my daughter and I didn't do our workout. All I do is 30 minutes—stepping in place, walking, lifting soup cans over my head, anything that gets me moving (even if I am sitting in a chair). My daughter does an hour. On Black Friday we went shopping at Old Navy and SURPRISE my daughter and I tried on the same shirt the same size. What a great payoff for me.

I was able to manage the stress of the holidays and helped my body play nice by incorporating the illusion of the goodies of old into my meal plan and moving. I kept my sugar below the 140 goal and from Thanksgiving to New Years kept gained less than 2 lbs so of which I have already lost.

Tell me what you did.

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jayabee52 2015-01-08 04:02:41 -0600 Report

Howdy Torachan

I managed my diabetes by eating a low carb, high protein meal plan. I have been doing that for over 3 yrs now. I lost 65 lbs over 5 mos and have pretty well kept it off.

WTG for you!


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