Saw my Endo on 12/30

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And was very happy. It's a great way to end my year. I lost 12 lbs since Nov 1, which although not as much as I'd like to have lost, is really good considering Thanksgiving and Christmas were in there. Any other year I would have gained at least 12 lbs in that time period.
I wasn't officially due for my A1c, but she decided to do one anyway, it had only been 9 weeks. My BG when I got there was 82, and my A1c was 5.3. That is down from 6.0 on Nov 1. Down from 12.8 in July and down from 14 in January of 2014.
I've lost a total of 90lbs since diagnosis, 45 of those lbs since July of 2014.
I'm not feeling deprived at all, I made a decision that no food is off limits to me, I just have to really really want it, and be willing to pay the consequences of eating it, which may mean no weight loss or slower weight loss and higher BG. I've had a few truffles over Christmas and no high BG, but I spread them out over a few days.
My endo took me off one glipizide per day, and lowered my daily insulin dosage. I'm on my way to being off all meds if I can hold at between 5-6% A1c for a year. I can and will do it.
Wishing all of you peace, love, happiness and good health in 2015. HUGS, Heidi

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BeckieJ 2015-01-01 12:28:04 -0600 Report

What great news! Congratulations… 2014 was an awesome year for you and it looks like more great things to come in 2015. Your an inspiration to all of us here on DC.
Cheers and Happy New year, Beckie

denipink57 2015-01-01 10:16:08 -0600 Report

you go girl! you are doing so well. i am very proud of you.

losing weight is no small feat so be sure and reward yourself with something special.

Happy New Year to all my connect friends!

love Denise

haoleboy 2015-01-01 09:36:45 -0600 Report

YES! What an excellent start to what will surely be a great 2015. You should be very proud of all you have accomplished in such a short period of time.


Type1Lou 2015-01-01 07:53:51 -0600 Report

Great progress and a wonderful way to start the New Year! Congratulations on taking control Heidi!

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