Dexcom smart phone/watch intergration

By matspikes Latest Reply 2015-01-03 23:51:21 -0600
Started 2014-12-27 01:11:28 -0600

Anyone know what the status is with a connection between a Dexcom cgm and your smartphone or watch? I know the share is available but to be docked at home. I'd like a Dexcom receiver that has a bluetooth connection to my phone or watch so I can discreetly check my numbers without sparking a conversation of "what's that?" I am aware of the nightscout project but that adds another electronic device to carry around. I mean, if I can check the weather in Guam on my watch or control music, why can't i check my bg?

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RebDee 2014-12-27 06:36:44 -0600 Report

Wish I understood what you said but I feel like you are talking a foreign language. When you find out the answers, will you post again, only this time explain what a Dexcom receiver is.

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