Not getting awarded badges

By BreC Latest Reply 2014-12-23 10:43:32 -0600
Started 2014-12-22 08:38:17 -0600

I have gotten 7 of the awarded badges but some have not been given. For instance the one for being a member for a month. I joined on Oct 29 so I should have gotten that one already.

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lilleyheidi 2014-12-23 03:46:14 -0600 Report

OK, i'm gonna sound stupid here, but what are badges? and what are they awarded for? how do i know if i have any? thanks, HUGS, Heidi

BreC 2014-12-23 10:43:32 -0600 Report

lilleyheidi, at the upper right there is a profile tab with an arrow. Click that and it will show connections, awarded badges, etc. Click on awarded badges to see what you have.

sweetslover 2014-12-22 17:21:27 -0600 Report

I encountered the same problem. A quick e-mail got the badges awarded, but I do not know if the problem is fixed for future badges. I know it sounds silly, but sometimes just getting a little badge is a bright spot in a sometimes dreary day.

aleahk 2014-12-22 12:06:38 -0600 Report

Hey All,
The badges should be automatically awarded. I know we are running into some hiccups though so if you aren't being awarded your badges and would like them please either personally message me or use the process James described. Thanks!

GabbyPA 2014-12-22 10:25:26 -0600 Report

I have let the tech team know that there are some issues. Hopefully it will get resolved shortly.

Jan8 2014-12-22 09:25:09 -0600 Report

James will steer you in the right direction ! I haven't paid much attention to badges either.

jayabee52 2014-12-22 09:07:19 -0600 Report

Howdy Bre
Sometimes it takes a bit for the badges to be awarded. If you don't see them appear for 3 months, go to the "Feedback" link in the dark band below and let the Admins know.

Personally I don't pay much attention to badges and never have. However I know others feel otherwise and that's their right.

I pray they show up for you soon


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