Possibly Pregnant and have type 1 diabetes

Kitt kat
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Started 2014-12-21 21:01:45 -0600

So I've been having several pregnancy symptoms but don't know the best accurate time to find out if I'm pregnant. I want to be one hundred percent sure if I am so that I can do what I need to do to keep us both healthy. My period was supposed to start on the fifteenth and end yesterday but never happened. I've had back pain for the past week. Morning to lunch time nausea. Just today I could no longer eat my veggies that I've always loved eating because I almost puked at the taste. I'm tired cranky certain smells are too strong or nauseating. My boobs are beginning to ache a little which started today. My belly hurts. I have to eat lots of food every two hours because for some reason I'm always starving. Is there any medical problem that could cause all these symptoms?

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wraithmb 2014-12-22 09:05:03 -0600 Report

When my wife got pregnant, we found the best was to get the blood test at her GP. The home test and urine test both showed negative, a week or so after her period was due, but the blood test was a positive. She's now about 7 months along.

I'm no expert on pregnancy symptoms, but what you describe sounds pretty familiar…

Like Gabby, I'm left wondering… Are you hoping for a +?

Kitt kat
Kitt kat 2014-12-23 12:28:26 -0600 Report

Definitely hoping for a positive. I have a drs appointment later today to find out. I don't want to get my hopes up so I keep trying to make up excuses for each symptom. But I woke up this morning with sore breasts on top of everything else. Whats weird is its mostly my nipples but they don't hurt very much. I hope I'm not coming down with some disease or the false pregnancy thing that some people experience. Anyways I'll let you all know how it goes later… another thing I feel all teary today and nothing happened to make me sad and emotional. That definitely can't be good. Anyways thank you all for your support I'll keep you posted.

GabbyPA 2014-12-22 08:29:35 -0600 Report

I agree with Heidi.
A home pregnancy test is not perfect, but it can get you going. Chances are you would more likely receive a false "not" that a false "yes". Specially now that you are late. In either case, I would make an appointment to see the doctor because if its not a baby on the way, I would want to know what made such a drastic change in how my body is reacting to things.

Should we keep our fingers crossed for a Yes?

jayabee52 2014-12-22 04:02:03 -0600 Report

“A baby is God's opinion that the world should go on.” Carl Sandburg

I am unaware of any medical problem which would cause all those symptoms. Congrats Kitt on the new life forming within you. Please get to the Dr and comfirm the pregnancy and get instructions on how best to carry a healthy baby to term!

Praying for you and your new baby's good health


lilleyheidi 2014-12-22 02:36:38 -0600 Report

If I were in your shoes, I'd get one of the early pregnancy tests at your local pharmacy, and test first thing in the morning. The hormone that detects pregnancy is strongest in the morning. If you want to be pregnant, I wish you good results. Best to you, HUGS, Heidi