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I just found out our son that lives in Arizona is in the hospital. After I heard that I checked my sugar and it was 170. first time high today. How does everyone deal with stress with being sweet. I never have dealt with stress that good. I know he's going to be ok but this is the first time he's ever been in the hospital and I'm not there. by the way I did my first shot with the pin and it was a piece of cake . haha

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tabby9146 2014-12-20 09:52:55 -0600 Report

so sorry about your son. I hope he will be okay. for me, exercise helps greatly with stress, especially yoga. while I did not seem to notice the effects on stress with yoga in the beginning ,about two years ago, I did over time and it did not take long. some people try meditation. listening to calming music, pets help too.

Glucerna 2014-12-18 14:33:21 -0600 Report

I hope your son is doing better Rhett, and congratulations on giving yourself your first shot on your own! There are many ways to help manage stress, including exercise, meditation, listening to music, and being outside. There's no one right way to manage stress, and the important thing is that you recognize stress raises your blood sugar and you're willing to learn how to manage stress. ~Lynn @Glucerna

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2014-12-18 10:24:48 -0600 Report

Most people stress out over things they cannot control. You love your son and it saddens me to hear that he is ill. Ask yourself this? What are you going to do about his being ill other than pray for him and go visit and stay with him while he recuperates if you are able to do so? You can't cure him and you could not prevent what caused his illness. You are not in control of anything that you are not totaly responsible for.

I learned a long time ago not to stress over anything I don't physically control. People get sick and people die however, I can't do a thing to prevent it. The only thing I can do if they are related to me is make them as comfortable as I can, pray for them and let them know they are loved. e

When you go to visit if you can let go of the stress. Your son will pick up on you being stressed out and will probably think his illness is causing your stress. That isn't going to be good for him because now he is going to be worried about you and that can stress him out and hamper his recovery. Keep in mind his illness isn't about you it is about his recovering from his illness. He will need your support and love and you can't help him if you are stressed out.

I will say a prayer for his speedy recovery.

rhett t
rhett t 2014-12-19 05:40:10 -0600 Report

I know this is out of my control. family is very important to me. This is his 1st time ever being ill. he has always been healthy. No I'm not going to stress him out.

jayabee52 2014-12-18 10:09:48 -0600 Report

Howdy Rhett
Sorry to learn about your son. I pray he gets well soon!

Stress is a big factor in one's BG (blood glucose) readings. It occurs because the cortisol hormone is triggered as a flight or fright response and that calls up stores of glycogen to give one quick energy to either fight or get away from something like a preditor. But our bodies cannot tell a physical stressor from an emotional stressor and so our liver pumps out the glycogen it has stored. On people who have normal metabolisms it is not a problem because the pancreas will produce insulin to keep one's system in equilibrium. It is different tor those who have diabetes.
Here is an article from mayo which tells more about it ~

I pray this has been helpful


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