For Skeptic of UAB look it up. It is rated one of the top Hospitals in the US.

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I am now Type 1 diagnosed yesterday when I was diagnosed in Kansas in 2010 as Type 2.

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They have one of the best research departments in the US. They are rated in the top 5. They have a study going in January on humans for Type 1, just diagnosed or only three months into diabeties. It is a blood pressure medication pill, not expensive, and they have had good results on mice. They are now going to take humans and do the study on them. It reverses diabeties. I go to Uvalle and he is well known. I know in the past that some people may think that I am nuts or something, but I have lived all over the US and have found the larger cities to have the best medical facilities. Birmingham is rated up there for medical break through. They do a lot of research and have the latest technology. I got better results from the doctors here in Birmingham than I got in Wichita, KS. I had an endocrinologist and a neurologist. They had better testing in Birmingham than they did in Wichita,KS. I was not impressed with my mother's doctors in Port Arthur, Texas. She died in October. I lived there for a number of years until I moved to Kansas to be near my kids. It would not hurt for people to check into this. It is worth trying and reversing than going to insulin for help. I am not looking forward to that. I do not like needles and you have to prick your fingers. Then there is the insulin that pricks you. Best of luck. You may pass this on to others if you wish. Linda Best of luck and Merry Christmas to all.

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Howdy Linda
Was there a question regarding UAB?
I remember the discussion of the trial of the new T 1 drug which may cure T 1 if they've had T 1 less than 3 mo. Was trying to find that discussion but couldn't.

Christmas blessings to all

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