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Hey every one! Pray for me tonight. Got a party to go to. I always have a hard time at parties. It 's just finger food but will have a lot of sweets there. I'm going to drink a boost for diabetics an hour before we leave II'm getting my sugar under control since taking bydureon tomorrow will be my first time giving it on my own. Nervous about that.. Merry Christmas!

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GabbyPA 2014-12-17 05:58:58 -0600 Report

Good to hear you came out on top and with new confidence. Good job.
A lot of times I will eat before I go so that I am less tempted to fill up a plate and just kind of treat it as a dessert. It's hard sometimes to stare at the veggie platter right next to the cookie plate. LOL

sandieblue 2014-12-17 07:48:58 -0600 Report

yes you are right but you know you have to turn away from temptations and it is a little frustrating at time do anyone agree

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2014-12-17 12:14:13 -0600 Report

I don't agree. it is only frustrating if you choose to make it frustrating. It is like going to a buffet. If you were not diabetic would you eat every food item on the buffet? I choose what I eat. Last night I was at a pot luck dinner. There was a host of foods including dessert. I wanted some of a friends Mac and Cheese. I rarely eat that and he knows it. I did not eat any potato salad, no bread and no dessert because I wanted to eat some Mac and Cheese. Immediately after dinner we went to the Inner Harbor. After our motorcade parked, we had to walk a block, then back to the cars. to our location. I then had to walk a block through the building to another parking garage and half a block to the police station. I tested when I got home and my blood sugar was lower than I expected and I was fine.

We choose to be angry, frustrated and many other things. I choose not to let the fact that there are foods I can't have on a menu bother me. It isn't worth it.

rhett t
rhett t 2014-12-17 14:10:44 -0600 Report

that's how my blood sugar was. it was higher before I went to party and I had mac and cheese too.

lilleyheidi 2014-12-17 02:13:20 -0600 Report

You'll do fine if you focus on the things other than just the food, the people and activities around you. I went to a party today also, and planned for a treat in my day, I had a thin slice of pumpkin bread made with whole wheat flour. It was delicious, and my BG did not spike a bit, of course I had been running a bit on the low side before the party so wasn't too worried about it going high. The things I try to do is stay away from the food tables and mingle with my friends. Good luck, HUGS, Heidi

jayabee52 2014-12-16 23:11:30 -0600 Report

Howdy Rhett
Perhaps instead of the Boost, you might consider some protein instead. If you already drank the Boost there's always the next party, The protein (meat, eggs, nuts ) will stay in your tummy digesting and you won't be as hungry.

Christmas blessings

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2014-12-16 14:18:52 -0600 Report

I have a meeting and Christmas pot luck tonight. There will be cookies. I will have a few cookies. Under no circumstances do I ever replace a meal with Boost. I did that when I had a problem chewing and swallowing. I find that all that stuff does is make me hungry.

Parties are only hard if the party goer chooses to make it hard. I know what to eat. I also know that having one or two cookies is not going to kill me or blow my diet. I go to parties to have fun and chat with others. I don't worry about the food or people are eating things I can't have. I eat what I can have and leave a lot of the sweets alone. Instead of focusing on the food focus on the people and have a fantastic time.

rhett t
rhett t 2014-12-17 05:36:52 -0600 Report

Did really good at Party. That's what I did I ate what I could have and just enjoyed being with friends. This is the first time that. I really had to watch sugar. I am pleased with bg this morning, was 133.

Just Joyce
Just Joyce 2014-12-17 12:25:22 -0600 Report

I am glad you had fun. All you have to do at any party is forget about what you can and cannot eat. Have fun with friends and family which is far more important than the food.

rhett t
rhett t 2014-12-17 14:19:55 -0600 Report

I just love all of you. It sure is easier to have you around to help with the diabetic problem.Someone that has the same problem

Pegsy 2014-12-17 16:57:23 -0600 Report

I'm so glad you did well at the party! I find parties to be difficult sometimes because of all the tempting things in front of me and people constantly "offering" food and "suggesting" I try things. Sometimes I can stand strong and sometimes I am weak and give in. When that happens, I don't feel guilty. Just get right back on the program and move forward.

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