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Has any one ever tried this insurance it has
a lot of different names such as E health insurance it is not a major medical co insurance
I almost got taken on something like this it was a fraud. And they were illegal found out on ripp off .com. people with pre existing who can not get real insurance this could be devastating to say the least. Not that this one is a fraud but do they really cover what they say they do that's what I am trying to find out. If there are legit insurance companys for people with pre existing conditions like type 1 diabetes and if so who are they? Please help.

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pop2 2009-06-07 22:20:19 -0500 Report

Maybe our goverment will come up with something that
will be good for the uninsured in this country, I hate to think of all the
people with diabetes and medical condititions that can
not see a doctor or afford a hospital stay to be in pain and sick and no insurance
is very scary.

2009-05-31 14:39:34 -0500 Report

I agree that you need to be careful. When something sounds too good to be true, it usually is. Make sure you always thoroughly check out any type of company. If you don't know where to look for the information you need, you can take the name of the company and other vital info and then call the Better Business Bureau of your state, or your state's Attorney General's office. They should be able to help you. Of course, you can always use google, or scopes to research companies such as this.