thigh going numb

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Started 2009-05-30 10:56:11 -0500

I have noticed the same thing. It happens to me when I'm in bed. I wake up to the burning and no feeling. It is something new for me. I wondered if it was due to sugar. As far as the feet go mine are always cold and sometimes very hurtful. I can barely let the blanket touch them. It is not all the time though.

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RebDee 2015-02-08 09:58:02 -0600 Report

If it were me (and I have all of those symptoms), I would associate it with many different things. 1) I injured my back twice in the late 1980s where I fractured my sciatica (tail bone). Since that time (for a long time it was constant but not just some time), I have numbness and tingling down my left leg especially in my thigh. My feet have been cold all my life, even before Diabetes. But now as I get older (confirmed by podiatrists), I get ingrown big toe nails which have to be cut out so they will grow properly. My shoes, my socks, and even my blanket causes pain when they touch my toes. I have taken to buying shoes about 1/2 size larger so that the front of my shoes do not touch my toes (or else I use open toed sandals). Is it due to Diabetes? I have no idea since it happened in an accident before my Diabetes diagnosis, and my toes are considered an "age" problem. However, as I am learning, since becoming a Diabetic, almost all of my problems can be related to Diabetes, whethere they are or not.

MeiMei 2009-05-30 13:35:45 -0500 Report

I also have peripheral neuropathy due to the diabetes. I find that if my blood sugars and in control I have less pain and numbness. It really helps in giving myself my shots, I just find a numb spot and no pain. But it is rather disconcerting to have pain and numbness in your extremities. One word of warning, always be aware of where your extremities are placed. Because of the numbness you can burn more easily if they are placed near say a metal bar on a wheel chair for instance. You are now more susceptible to injury, so watch it! But all in all it can be managed. I am also taking gabapentin for the neuropathy pain. You might consider it. I pay $5 for the generic form (gabapentin) also know as neurontin (brand name) for 90 pills. They make you sleepy so I always take them at night so I can sleep well.

tim 58
tim 58 2009-05-30 12:09:19 -0500 Report

I have burning feet and my toes do not touch the floor like they use 2 but i do not use a lot of salt and when i do it's sea salt but because of my size 6 ft @ 245 lbs. have been thinking about taking water pills 2 c if the swelling in my feet will go down ?.

lipsie 2009-05-30 14:23:42 -0500 Report

Yeah, you sound like that is what's going on. I have had that also and have to use water pills when that's happening. Definitely look into that cuz there are a few things it could be though and you best be safe than sorry. Good luck! *Hugs* Sheila

lipsie 2009-05-30 11:55:29 -0500 Report

Have you been diagnosed with neuropathy? That's what I have and I have those kind of symptoms along with other ones, just varies at times.If not asked for a Nerve Conduction Study done on your legs. Any back problems? That also could play a role. Good luck and sorry to hear of your problems. *Hugs* Sheila

RebDee 2015-02-08 10:03:55 -0600 Report

I have a form of varicose veins that is caused by Diabetes where the little veins and arteries that are near the skin show through so that it looks as if I am wearing red sox. My skin in my legs is very dry and I keep a moisturizing skin lotion on them at all times. In fact, I wear long dresses or slacks so that it does not show as I am very cognizant of this phenomenom. As I have been losing weight, and as my legs don't swell as often, I have found that the redness turns to pink but never goes away entirely.

ali eletre
ali eletre 2009-05-30 11:01:16 -0500 Report

Some times this happened from high slots in the urine & try to reduce salt in your food its happened with me & its called high uric aside