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hey guys i learned early in my diagnois od diabetes,if you have lotion or anything on your fingers, will alter your bsl readings, have anyone had this problem

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Judimar 2009-05-24 17:51:22 -0500 Report


Yes I have encountered that as well other things besides hand lotion. Once I handed my husband a bottle of pancake syrup and then tested without rewashing my hands and got a reading of almost 300. Another time I pick up some orange rinds my sister left on the table and tested without washing my hands and got a reading of 186… I went and washed my hands and the reading dropped to 86. Washing your hands prior to testing is extremely important :) It is also important to thoroughly dry your hands after washing them so that any moisture left behind will not dilute your sample.



MANDIE2262 2009-05-24 18:12:46 -0500 Report

I never really thought about that. I knew that lotions and things could affect readings but never thought about other things affecting it. Great info!! I'm really glad I found this site. You all are so great!

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