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What do I do about getting testing supplies if I cannot afford them and have no job???

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Stacey Hunt
Stacey Hunt 2009-05-24 04:08:56 -0500 Report

I currently work as a Pharmacy Technician and we see this everyday. It is very sad because a lot of people have either lost their jobs and their insurance or are trying hard to find a job and have no insurance. There are numerous different brands but they are very expensive and it is very sressfull!! A patient called just the other day for a certain kind of strips for a script she had from the Doctor but had no insurance and for 100 strips the cost was around $80.00 and I had to tell her without crying. It happens to at least half of our patients everyday and is very depressing!

Not to get off subject but you should probably try and visit your local Department of Human Services and try to get some assistance. I know that it is emberassing for some people to get government assistance but it is there for people who truly need it and that is what it is there for! Some people do abuse it but taxes are taken out of hardworking American's paychecks every week or two for these funds. I am a single mother of two and I am on assistance but only until I finish college while working full-time job to get a better paying job with Health Insurance and I will no longer be on government assistance anymore. I am only using it while I truly need it until I get on my feet!

Another thing you can do is visit websites on the blood glucose meter you use and the strips and lancets you need and sometimes they have rebates or coupons so they will be a lot cheaper or maybe even free. Sometimes local pharmacies have coupons and try to get you the lowest price and the best deal if not free because they already have rebates because medial marketing personel are coming in everday to give coupones! I hope this helps and again, I am sorry my reply is so long I just had a lot to say. If you ever have anymore questions please feel free to ask. I do not know everything but I will always help the best I can. If I find anything out when I do go back to work after the Holiday weekend I will replay again and give you some more advice that will hopefully help your situation!! 2009-05-23 20:55:16 -0500 Report

contact the ada in your state also contact local church groups and your county or sity health departments. If its a child contact JDRF or CWD they might help

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Try talking with your local health department. They may have some help for you. Also, some of the makers of these products will provide free supplies to those in need.