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hi, i'v been on a diet for over a month my diet consist on low calories low carb and fish and chicken. i exercise on the tread mill i do abs. i was weighting 145l pounds my height is 4ft 11in. i was able to lose 7pounds but i can't lose no more weight. how can i break this wall that does not let me lose more weight? my daughter tells me that i need to work harder because my body is already used to the same routine so thats what i'm trying to do now but is difficult because i run short of breath easily and i can't even run on the treadmill for to long. what can you advice me to do? thank you very much.

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lipsie 2009-05-22 04:21:32 -0500 Report

First, am I reading the correct weight? Or is this a typo? And no I am in no way trying to be mean just genuine. You say you lost 7 pounds? Was that in a month? Loosing 7 pounds is great!! I compliment you on that alone. And it sounds like your diet is a good one. What about carbs? How are you doing on carbs? I am about 5 '7 and weight about 400 pounds myself so I also struggle to loose weight. Where I am lacking is the diet. I need to implement something and stick with it. I am trying SOME things but not enough. Maybe some more exercise too but I am giving myself a pat on my back for what I am doing now, I am doing walks just about every night with my fiance Ty, he really gives me the strength I tell ya. But in all, I lost ten pounds in a months time just recently so I am a little under 400 now. Anyhow, just wanted to compliment you on what you are doing! Good luck! Sheila .

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