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Wow ..Today was an eventiful day..and its still early..I tested my self and found that i was 26 …no signs or any awareness of the low so retested 3 more times ..ate something first.. then tested 30 and the last 49…i was told about the neropathy aoveer a year ago now..yet doctors tell me time and time again IM too YOUNG..idk
Its frustrating because they dont take into account my health history ..and that before i was diagnosed in 10-05 I had gone untreated for over a year Iat least ..I was very ill.I was diagnosed during the first trimester of pregnancy..and keto. in icu 4 times during pregnancy..delivered early due to complications..and 3 yrs now im finally getting strong enough to educate and take care of me first…but need a supportive doctor that is on my side and one I can depend on and trust …Its scary to have no awareness of a low like that ..thats the worst ever…

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Nan H.
Nan H. 2009-07-17 21:00:39 -0500 Report

I am not trying to be dismissive, but that's not really neuropathy. Neuropathy is irreversible; however, usually unawareness of lows like that will go away if the frequency of the lows goes down.

I have a CGMS now, and have had a diabetic dog before. My doctor has certified the medical necessity of the device, and they still don't pay for the sensors. They didn't pay for the unit, either. I pay out of pocket (it's about 3000/year for me), and love it. It doesn't solve all the problems, but it really helps to prevent it getting that low.

The dog is great, too. Having something that can help you when you are having trouble doing so can be a great benefit. In addition, they can get help for you if you can't.

Hope things go better you - take care!

lipsie 2009-05-22 03:31:19 -0500 Report

wow, that is scary to have sugar that low without knowing! I have had it low but not quite that low without knowledge. Definitely look into what they said earlier that MAYBE insurance will cover! Good luck there! Also, I am a little confused. You say neropathy, do you mean neuropathy? Because IF that's whatcha mean them doctors are so wrong hun!! I was about 24 years old when I was diagnoised with neuropathy myself. I even went thru quite a lot of testing to prove it, and to a specialist out of town. I use to take 3600 mgs of Neuronton at one point now I am on Lyrica 200 mgs 3 x daily and it helps SO much. It's No fun, what are your symptoms IF that's what your even talking about? If you don't mind my asking. I know its not walk in the park either. Ulgh. Take care! *Hugs* Sheila

Melissa Dawn
Melissa Dawn 2009-05-21 22:36:16 -0500 Report

That's always a frightening feeling when a low comes on you without any warning signs. If you have decent insurance, you might consider a CGMS — it can alert you of potential problems.

Good luck!

Sarguillo 2009-05-21 18:07:56 -0500 Report

Oh wow, Have you consideredd getting a diabetic dog?? You sound like a candidate for them. Here is a link to their site: http://www.dogs4diabetics.com/index.html
From what I hear, they can smell when you are having a low and will alert you.
Caregivers also talk about them since they can watch and smell the kids while they are alseep. WOW, you got to be carefull.

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