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ali eletre
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When I know that I have less sugar and I need some sweets to raise my levels ..or some times I have more sugar in my blood and I have to reduce it at once?

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Sarguillo 2009-05-21 18:29:07 -0500 Report

I was thinking about your question. Do you need to raise or lower your sugar levels at once. I guess that would depend on your situation. If your BS level is too low, yes, you need to raise it at once to a moderate level. If you are under US 60, I would make sure it was raised by eating somthing. If its too high, depends on what you consider too high. I spike up to a BS 200 US and do not get too worried. First thing I do is try to figure out what caused the spike. Was it that I ate too much or did I forget to take my meds? Did I take all my meds? Is my insulin starting to loose its poentency? Did it get too hot or too cold at some time? When I have a answer then I can start to figure out what I have to do to fix that spike. I might mean I would eat no carbs at my next meal. I might take my agressive faster pills earlier to help lower my BS. I am not on a fast acting insulin so that is currenlty out of the question. I might take a few more units of my insulin if I thought it might help at night, then check my BS in the AM. Unless I am over 200 for consecutive days, I dont let a temporary spike worry me to much. Now if I am sick, I know my control is going to go out the window and I will spike and have lows and then spike again. Unless I am over 250 for more than 2 days, I dont worry about it. Now If I am spiking and not comming down for more than a few days, then its time to worry. As my doctor said, we as diabetics can and may have other issues that we might not be aware of and our conditions may deteriorate at a faster pace, he would then want me to contact him right away. .

So the answer to your question would be:.

If too low, seek help, if just alittle low, eat somthing, If just alittle high, do what it takes to get back under control, If too high for too long, seek help.

By the way, since you are in Egypt, what type of meter do you use and in what caliber does it messure your blood sugars??

Have a good day.

Anonymous 2009-05-19 23:14:45 -0500 Report

Do you have a glucometer to test your blood sugar? That will tell you the amount of glucose (sugar) in your blood and then, based on your physician's recommendations you would know if you needed to eat (food, but not necessarily a form of carbohydrate commonly known as sugar). For instance if my blood sugar is greater than 150 when I test I try not to eat until it is below 150. If I test and it is 100 or less I know I need to eat to keep it from going any lower. Hope I understand your question. In another post you said you had stress associated with generating ideas about what to write. May I ask what kind of writing you do and in what language? I admire people who communicate in more than one language and it appears you do. I try to use two languages but I am only fluent in one, English. Take care and reply if you are so inclined.

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