AGGGH my number roller coaster!

Mom and boys
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I was just wondering if it is normal to drop 100 points in an hour.

I have been sick (sinus infection) and I am having a difficult time regulating my numbers. On more than one occasion I have dropped 100-150 points in an hour or two. This is really scary as the other night I had fallen asleep on the sofa then tried to go to bed. I was just not feeling right so I go up and check my sugar which was 64.

Just wondering if this is normal for someone who has been sick or should I call the Dr.? Additionally I am sooo tired. Have increased my water intake to keep hydrated and trying to eat right but light yogurt and turkey bacon gave me a 164 after 2 hrs.

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Sarguillo 2009-05-18 14:01:44 -0500 Report

When you are sick. Anything can happen. Also, timming. When did you take your meds. Some meds are agressive and yes, 100 points in a hour may be normal. I am on a pill that can and will drop me about 50 points in about 45 minutes. If you are on insulin, depending on its speed, you can drop more than that depending on how much. Please be carefull.

Mom and boys
Mom and boys 2009-05-18 14:53:44 -0500 Report

When I am feeling good, eating right and all the stars align I usally stay between 70 - 120. Not much movement at all (reasonable movement). I have only been on pills less than 6 months and any other lows have had a reason (exercising and forget to snack). I am trying to be much more careful!