my brother is getting ready to start dialysis from diabetes

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My great uncle in his 90's was diagnosed with kidney failure & he decided to call hospice & die. Now my brother in his 60's has been told his kidneys are failing & he's been going to classes to see what he wants to do, transplant, home dialysis or hospital dialysis.

I am concerned for him, my dad was on dialysis for years, but my brother never takes anything seriously & I'm afraid if he does this at home — he's so sloppy he'll give himself infections. I asked him if he'd do a transplant, but he said the classes said people need dialysis even with a transplant. Do you think he mis understood something? maybe he's thinking of rejection drugs.

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Docjjb 2014-12-14 02:03:47 -0600 Report

You have my deepest sympathies for what has transpired and what decision your brother opts for. It's not easy to deal with, this I know, yet it's his decision and he'll deal with the results. All you need do is offer advice and encouragement to him. God Bless. Doc JJB

jayabee52 2014-12-14 00:44:54 -0600 Report

Howdy Diane
I am on Hemodialysis. I go to a clinic 3 days a week (M W F) for 4 hrs a treatment

I have written a discussion which tells about it which may be found here ~ You may find it interesting and much of what I say there may be applicable to your brother.

Now to your concerns in this discussion.

Your brother may well have misunderstood something in the class. What he may have misunderstood in the class may be the fact that transplantable kidneys are not readily available. Sometimes a transplant patient may need to undergo dialysis for a period of time waiting for one to become available. (I currently am not on any list because I have to jump through some medical hoops, like get my teeth fixed, before I am a candidate to be on the list). So prior to the transplant he'd have to be on some form of dialysis (either hemodialysis or peritoneal dialysis) until a match is found for him.

And if your brother is as sloppy as you say it is likely he'd infect himself.

My late wife was doing peritoneal dialysis (PD) when I first met her online. She told me that the house had to be almost sterile for her not to get an infection.

She was totally blind but she lived with her mother who helped her with her PD. later on she switched to Hemodialysis (Hemo) I suspect due to her mother's illness and "Jem" was getting reactions from the tubes in her abdomen. (she had allergic reactions to a lot of different materials like latex or certain plastics) Then the Drs discontinued her treatments as they said they weren't accomplishing their goals. So by the time I moved there to be with and marry her she was off all dialysis.

I have always been Hemo when I needed dialyzing and always went to a clinic.

I understand that there is a way to do hemo at home, but I doubt that your brother could do it successfully if he is as sloppy as you desribe. He'd have to keep the dialysis area antiseptic or else he could give himself an infection. Plus he'd also need to learn how to stick himself with the 2 needles needed for proper bloodflow . .They stick me with two 16 gauge needles per session.

Also if he doesn't have an access to his blood vessels somehow (like an Arthroveinous fistula or Arthroveinous graft see ~ ) then he would need to start out with a temporary "Venous Catheter" which is quite prone to getting infections since it sticks out of the neck or chest wall. I had one of those when first starting dialysis myself the tech and the RN and I had to wear surgical masks when I was being dialyzed, He would have to do so too or risk getting an infection near his heart.

I would seriously recommend using the services of a dialysis clinic as they know the precautions which you all must take for keeping him healthy while undergoing dialysis.

i am willing to answer most any question on dialysis as I have a vested interest in knowing such stuff or knowing how to find such info.

God's best to you and yours


EDIT: BTW there was an article which you may find interesting which turned up in my searches on this subject take a look at this site ~

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