The most beautiful thing I have ever read...

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I cannot go into detail right now, I have to go get a Kleenex. Prepare to need the same:

A Diabetic Kid'z Day,
A Special Day of Glory,
Let me speak out to tell you my story.
I have a pen that is truly my friend,
It's not of ink, but in a way it stinks.
It follows me like a shadow, all the day thru
It gives me an ill feeling, just like the flu.
I poke and prick my finger sore
The tears flow out, like an open pore.
I beg, I fight, I scream out No, "not any more!"
No more pain, nothing to gain
I want relief! I want belief!
I want to get well!
Being Diabetic is hell!
Please find a cure!
My hope is so pure.
Let me have a day, just to stand up and say,
"I'm proud to be me, just as you you see."
Today's my special day as A Kid With The BIG "D"
Thank You "President", Thank You "People"
Now my story ends and the NAtional Day Begins…

The End

by Patti Clifford

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cyncyn 2009-05-18 11:32:11 -0500 Report

This is in deed, a beautiful poem. It really gets to ya!
Thanks Patti and thank you Tom for sharing!


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